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Google Stadia Pricing/data Usage, | Ea Wants To Know Why It Gets So Much - At Up-Tube.com

GOOGLE STADIA PRICING/DATA USAGE, EA Wants To Know Why It Gets So Much 2 days ago   12:17

A Watch Dogs reveal, E3 2019 surprises, some leaks, and...Xbox deodorant? All this and more in a week full of gaming news.
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List of games - https://www.spieltimes.com/news/heres-every-game-coming-to-google-stadia-at-launch-complete-details/

ES6: https://up-tube.com/upvideo/aCggR_siwMZ

Shenmue 3 delayed: https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2019-06-03-shenmue-3-delayed-to-november

Modern Warfare play testers ‘cried’

Destroy All Humans returns

Watch Dogs Legion

Ikea making gamer products?

Xbox body wash


Blasphemous trailer

More Vampire the Masquerade

Comments 3019 Comments

I said "January"
It's June. Happy E3!
Lol I’m American and even I know that you butchered Rammstein’s name.
The only way STADIA can be workable is if they do what netflix did, put servers on every major ISP in the country so that, 1) to keep the latency to about 30ms. But mostly 2) no fees are incurred due to the large amounts of data transferred between network peers. This was the thing that netflix had problems with Comcast not too long ago. Peering is a real serious thing that everyone doesn't know about or ignores which what triggered net neutrality. If you want real net-neutrality, remove peering fees, since it's an old rule put in place back in the 80s (or before that) that is totally out dated.
Ronnie Alvarez
I'm happy with Oblivion and skyrim
Alfredo Arreola
When the sales don’t go well you have to sell body washes 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
I want Game Developers or Game Companies to develop a unique kind of MOBA Game that feels really different from all the rest at the same time better then the rest.
Skel Neldory
"Elder Scrolls VI: Designed for 10 year olds" Fixed that thumbnail text for you.
Feroz Hossain
Does anyone know of the name of the game at 2:56
Pepe The Frog
Oh no, anything except Todd (in the thumbnail) when it comes to game promises. Hahah.
Ian Owens
If you haven’t cried at some of the deaths in call of duty that were based on true stories then you don’t have a heart
Kenneth Baker
Hopefully that doesn’t mean elder scrolls 6 is a live service
Scipio Africanus
Designed for modders to make the game better for 10 years more like. I have a modded skyrim se and the only original bethesda stuff in there is the writing pretty much.
5:31 WHAA
That made me laught so hard XD that pure reaction
Justice Warrior
Just like the recent Ace Combat games...!!!
Myst Erious Lee
Psyfi Panda
This is a COD for people interested in warfare and the struggles that come with. I'm so happy they stopped being pussies
Darek Khort
The Elder Scrolls games last so long because of mods. I just hope they don't push out the modders with a more restrictive engine that pushes the Creation Club to the detriment of the mods. We already see that with the difficulty of making creature mods for Fallout 4 compared to Skyrim.
you did not even take about Doom
Niko Bellic
When he breathed in the helium he sounded like Sernandoe
Vincent Clark
Great episode. Best part is the deodorant LMAO. Worst is that there are people out there that will buy it
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EA Wants To Know Why It Gets So Much GOOGLE STADIA PRICING/DATA USAGE, 2 days ago   11:45

EA has always had a perception problem, and recent executive quotes make it all the more apparent. Let's talk.
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