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Craig Cannon On Podcasting With | Adora A Dios Dónde Estés - At Up-Tube.com

Craig Cannon on Podcasting with Adora a Dios Dónde Estés 2 days ago   1:07:21

Y Combinator
Craig Cannon is the Director of Marketing at Y Combinator. He usually hosts the YC podcast but today is the guest on this episode about podcasting.


Adora Cheung is a Partner at YC.




00:00 - Adora's intro

1:05 - Craig's intro

3:45 - Starting the YC podcast

5:00 - Podcast metrics

6:00 - Tips on creating a podcast

8:10 - Picking episode topics

9:00 - Order of operations for finding guests

10:30 - Preparing for interviews

13:50 - How to keep an episode engaging

16:05 - Analytics

18:30 - Gear

23:00 - Software

23:55 - Listening to your own voice

25:20 - Favorite interviews

26:20 - Most surprising things Craig's learned about startups on the podcast

29:00 - What has Craig learned from guests that he's put into practice?

31:40 - Non-consensus things about building startups

34:00 - If Craig had to start a podcast from scratch, how would he structure it?

36:40 - Clipping the show

42:00 - Monetizing podcasts

45:30 - Will podcasts become saturated?

46:00 - What's missing in the podcast world?

48:00 - Influential podcasters

51:50 - Adora's podcast picks

52:50 - Patrick Bender asks - What idea do you believe in that your social group would think is crazy?

57:50 - Zachary Canann asks - Please tell us about the time you most successfully hacked some (non-computer) system to your advantage.

59:50 - Being at YC, do Craig and Adora feel pressured to go start a company?

1:06:00 - When is an opportunity good enough to quit your current job?

Comments 23 Comments

Dr Tune
Ha nice to see roles reversed.
Aditya Garud
I recently started a podcast this certainly helps. Thank you
Istvan Farkas
Thanks guys,
it is a great podcast as usual.
I always wanted to know a bit more about Craig.
Keep up the good work!
The Flute Channel
Super great epsiode! Can be a great case study on current outlook on the podcast sphere and beyond. Thanks Craig and Adora!
Zachariah Moreno
Thanks Craig & Adora, love the YC Podcast! Recording quality remote interviews that sound like you're in the same room is a challenge for professional podcasters & that's why we built SquadCast.fm. We're a bootstrapped startup & love learning from YC's content. Thank You!
Lev Smagin
Thanks for producing such great content, Craig!
I enjoyed this and it sparked some new ideas ✨ thanks for sharing!
Parker Miller
Favorite podcast. Thanks, Craig and YC!
Michael Salvador
Good stuff! Would be cool to know what kind of programming Craig does
Phil Chen
Craig is such a podcast nerd, love it. Him just rattling off dead podcasts. This should be the go to guide to podcasting 101.
Mario Johnson
Forcing someone to leave a job is something I strongly disagree with. These companies have thousands of employees, everyone is not Founder material. Given the shortage of hi-tech workers, that idea may not work. I’m a Baby boomer so I think differently.
Bobo Momo
I live in Ukraine why do I even watch this?
Thanks for sharing again guys
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Adora a Dios Dónde Estés Craig Cannon on Podcasting with 2 days ago   42:02

Adora a Dios Dónde Estés - Danilo Montero - Predicas Cristianas 2018

Predica realizada en la iglesia Lakewood Church en su servicio en español en septiembre de 2018.

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