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emma chamberlain


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-emma chamberlain

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bubica dubi
if u don't like slipknot or that kind of music it sounds "my ears r bleeding"
Hyun 현
it got infected didn’t it.
B.Y.M- Nataxsha
I just love that for you😂😂
Andrew Tero
i dont have a nose pierced bacuse it is hurt for me and my mom will be mad so i dont have a nose pierced
Gracie Huey
4:51 I feel personally attacked😂😂😂
Stephanie W
Omg Emma is such a cute lil emo
Lexx Lei
Whats the sing she’s singing?🤦🏼‍♀️ *feels stupid*
jd H
"hurted"??? WTF????? is that supposed to be English?
Isabella Grace
Lol got my nose pierced bc I like Emma’s tho
Isabella Grace
Her doing eyeliner makes me remember when my sister put liquid eyeliner on my bottom water line in a makeup store at the mall and processed to make my eyes water and had eyeliner running down my face (had makeup on too) so embarrassing 😂😂
marty fromthiparty
I think u look ugly with it 💀💀💀💀💀💀👏👏👏💀💀💤
marty fromthiparty
u do look kute emma
its Kiki
I miss the old Emma editing 😭😭
Stephanie G
This is what I wanted to dress like in middle school...why? No idea. Was I successful? Thankfully no
Mikayla Perreault
At 7:23 were is that blanket from and what’s it called someone tell me please
Peyton Donohue
Emma reminds me of a little kid that got into their sibling’s make up and closet and tried to look and act like a “big kid.”
Eukary Mora
Why is Emma actually good at the industrial dancing 😂😂
Frances Fernandez
At 4:51 I’d anyone was wondering the song is all out life by slipknot lol. 😁
Greg Carr
It's cool
Lauren Holmes
I've never heard of this person nor seen there video. But I think it's safe to say, I'm glad I'm not that ridiculous when I get piercings done. I mean, I have 8 of them and I got 4 done at once and didnt sleep for 6 months. But I've never gotten my nose done and sure glad I haven't wouldnt want to turn into a wanna be gothic chic for 5 minutes lol. Just put in a cute lil diamond stud and can it a day.
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