Lionel Messi ● 13 Goals with 5 Times Messi Destroyed Whole 1 day ago   05:50

Messi Magic™
Messi Best First Touch & Ball Control Goals || Messi Goals with Best First Touches & Ball Controls ||

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Messi Magic™
*People hate what they don't understand. Lionel Messi is the best example of this. He is hated by some low IQ people who pick another normal footballer (easy goal poacher) over this genius as they are simply not able to understand what Messi does on a football pitch.*
Every touch he takes is the perfect weight for what he’s going to do next
Mero Gamer 75
This goal against Nigereia is the only goal he scored in the world cup, unlike the worse PENALDo who scored 4 goals in 4 matches lol
Asifu Could
The football gods love Brazilian and Argentine footballers and it’s that simple
Lukaku better
Ahmed Sadman
Glitch Gamer
Leo Messi is legend......
Md Imran
Adeel Bajwa
Also watch amazing goals
The Goal against Nigeria killed me. Am dead.
Fun TV
Isco fight with Ramos in dressing room after defeat to athletico Madrid
siam is rayer bazar. king siam
I love you messi
1000 subscribers without a video
PB 10
My request to Messi haters. Please watch the goal before the last one especially 4:55.
Mahaz Khan
He is god of football
All in one All in one
You are right messi is the all time best player of the world no one can be like messi
Firoz Ahmad
Great flow and have a sudden surprise, I during last movements, will settle for to put ball in goal, means less margin of error
My fashion
Nirmal Roy
This is Messi magic
Bishal Singh
No one else can do it !
Just messi can
Love u messi
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5 Times Messi Destroyed Whole Lionel Messi ● 13 Goals with 1 day ago   05:20

The Five Times Messi Took On The Whole Real Madrid Team Alone And Left Them in Dust Single Handedly !!