8 Reasons Why I (Almost) Switched to Sony Canon 5d User Trying a Sony 1 year ago   28:15

Caleb Wojcik
A question that I am asked frequently is: “Sony or Canon?” First off, the fact that this is a common question is meaningful by itself. A couple years ago I almost never got this question, but Sony has been innovating with their mirrorless cameras like a madman.

The idea that many loyal Canon users and new consumers alike are jumping to companies like Sony means the market is changing. Canon who once had a tight hold on the mid-level DLSR video market is indeed losing its grip.

I’ve been struggling with the idea of switching over from Canon to Sony, a change complicated by the fact my wife (a professional photographer) also uses Canon. I have hemmed and I have hawed for the last six months over this.

In this video I explain my thought process behind choosing Canon or Sony and I lay out the eight main reasons that I felt contributed to my final decision.

Ultimately, I decided to stick it out with Canon. I love my C100 II (my precious), having Canon Professional Services is a life-saver, and I don’t need the latest and greatest camera gear to make great work. What I already have not only works, it works really well.

However, If I did not already own a ton of Canon lenses/camera bodies and I was starting from scratch I would choose Sony. With constant firmware updates and hardware innovations Sony is just at the top of the game right now.

What I would recommend to you is to: choose something that you like. Choose something that doesn’t get in your way. Going with Sony or Canon doesn’t make a big difference at this point (unless you are highly specialized in something like low light work). Both companies make great cameras. What matters is that you buy the camera you enjoy working with so you can create, so that you want to create because you want to work with you camera.

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- Canon 1DX Mark II — http://bhpho.to/2dROd2w
- Sony a7R II — http://bhpho.to/2eVBxf9
- Sony a7S II — http://bhpho.to/2eKPQ6W
- Sony XLR-K2M XLR Adapter — http://bhpho.to/2dDtEJH



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Canon 5d User Trying a Sony 8 Reasons Why I (Almost) Switched to Sony 1 year ago   13:51

[Update] Glad to say my camera is ok but don't make a habit out of shaking the camera like I did. Probably not the best idea. :)

Hey guys, so I finally got fed up with waiting for Canon to come up with an answer to these awesome mirror-less cameras that are taking over the market. Feels like Canon got complacent and they're going to see a lot of users like me switch to a Sony body. I got a Sony A7 III with a Metabones adapter (5th gen) and in this video i'm trying them out for the first time and giving you my thoughts. I didn't do any software updates. Everything is right out of box and that Metabones adapter works amazing. Spot focus and lock as well as eye auto focus work without any problems. Very happy so far. I'll make another video about the Sony body with Canon lenses once I have a little more time with the setup.

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