Daytime Fireworks in 4k Slow Mo Planet Slow Mo Outtakes 3 months ago   07:37

The Slow Mo Guys
Gav and Dan have the biggest and most colourful finale that they could possibly think of.

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Cindy Diaz
Love the second shot!!
Soumik Datta
My relatives in Taksas
Irina Fox
Што я тут забыла?
wow...this is great such a wonderful thinking...realistic dreamy u from a art lover ♥♥♥
Game changer
think about our mother earth
Game changer
do not do pollution
I don't watch your videos because the ads that run before them disgust me, so I leave.
HenTheChicke n
Let's go out with a bang, multi colored bangs.
I could imagine them getting bangs and then dying them.
E l
5:18 ~ 6:40 Please tell me what is this classic. The tiltle. :)
Davi Lima
Kk muito bom
Amazing Pug
Mommy look, colored clouds
James White
This reminds me of Blackpink's stay MV
James C
amazing colors this was so kewl please more madness like this send a plane thru the colored smoke of somthing, this was genious sickest thing ive seen so colorful
Ivan May
*And this children is an example of how people pollute the air in stupid stupid ways.* Congratulations two fully grown men.
Sameer Choudari
Deadmix puphmilk
Alguien abla español aquí?
Người dùng YouTube
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Planet Slow Mo Outtakes Daytime Fireworks in 4k Slow Mo 3 months ago   09:27

Gav and Dan are extremely good at hosting their YouTube show. They pretty much nail every segment in one take making it really easy on the editors… lol jk.