The Final round of the 2019 Home MLB Best Plays of 2018 (Ultimate 1 day ago   12:18

Watch the Final round of the 2019 Home Run Derby

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WhyNotDoorKnob E
Next year should be at Cours
That would be insaine
My Info
It's not the first time the guy that hit the most home runs... did not win.
Tour Player
Who was the fat women hitting ??? LMAO
Well done Alonso - go Gators too !!!
Joshua Dela Cruz
I was hoping Shohei's playing in this All-Star game.
TNT Plumbing
YES!!!!!!!!!! I always wanted a player from the Mets so win!
Nick -_-
I’m a Mets fan, watching Alonso win was so much fun!!
When did Tim Wakefield become Tim Schneider?
Watching Vlad Jr. take swings reminds of why I don't like these events (or the game itself.) Not taking place 1/2 way or more through a season. In any major sport.

Too many athletes do well prior to the A.S. break only to tail off (sometimes badly) or get hurt. VGJ looked close to pulling something out of joint trying to smack 500 ft HR's (in the time allotted which is definitely not a feature I like nor should it have been implemented...what's wrong w/ HR's hit after 20 pitches swung at for example?)
sandy samuel
I don't understand home run derby's rules. Does anybody explain it to me? 🤔
This Sucks
Not interested in 15-second ads on short, unimportant videos.
Luis Garcia
Honestly the final round was joc vs vladdy🤣
Jose Jesus cabreja
Tenian k poner a Alonso primero y después a Guerrero
They should change how they do tie breakers the winner of the tie breakers is going to be the loser in the end every time
It should go by who hit the most of the night in all rounds
Chris L
The better long ball hitter didn't win the derby but the fans definitely won getting to witness the event.
Eddy Perez
John Greene
This system is so f*cked up. How can a guy who hits 91 home runs not win? It should be three rounds and the one with the most cumulative home runs should win.
anderson Veras
hello such a brother, I would like to know if ever a mlb player has refused to attend a game of stars
Space Ghost
Pete Alonso. The only thing good about being a Metros fan this year.
High DFS
Congrads to Alonso but so damn wrong dude hit half of what guerrero hit. Its almost he won by default.
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MLB Best Plays of 2018 (Ultimate The Final round of the 2019 Home 1 day ago   20:52

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