Expert Reads Body Language The Story That CNN Would NEVER 11 months ago   06:10

Janine Driver, president of the Body Language Institute, joins Willie Geist and Natalie Morales to analyze the body language of the current presidential candidates, pointing to specific gestures of Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders and Marco Rubio that she says reveal deeper feelings than their words may convey.
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Expert Reads Body Language Of Donald Trump And Other Candidates | TODAY

Comments 1456 Comments

Patricia McArdle
Look at Natalies body language. 'COk were not talking politics here' after woman complimented Trump. 😔
Wunder Galley
Are these classes offered at Trump University?
This couldn't be the same "Today Show" that celebrated Desmond the pre-pubescent drag-queen dancing for pedophiles for money could it?
Because that "program" should have been taken off-air with extreme prejudice.
I don't subscribe to fake news!
This body language phony is a nothing but a snake oil salesman, reminds me of the psychic ladies, lol
Sup Dude
Trumps🐒 hands = just a distraction
Nicki nurse
Are we sure Trump is thinking outside the box....or outside the law?
Dylan A. Kent
Saying Trump is a "Creative thinker" is not necessarily a compliment. We all know real estate people are straight up liars. lol The past 2 years have been CREATIVE all right - creative treason, creative crime, over 8000 creative public lies, creative tweets, creative phony charities, creative security clearances, creative statistics, creative fake wall, creative national emergencies - VERY CREATIVE! 😅😅😅
Adrin Shams
With all thou respect f u'all Clinton is fake asf Trump is genuine and honest Man,
Ryan Johnson
Janine Driver is so full of sh*t... 2:49
A Cool Million
Good way to undermine any skill set she may have attained. ANYONE analyzing trump who doesn't address the lies is indoctrinated to the point of being unworthy of consideration on any matter at all. Their brains are compromised like all trump-followers/supremacists.
Bryan Welborn
Lol at 6.09 and after. The hostess says “we’re not letting politics get into this” While she’s standing in front of the graphic that reads in all CAPS. THE POLITICS OF BODY LANGUAGE!
Music for film and TV
Donald Trump..... Creative thinking? Are you drunk? He thinks in less that one dimension.
Debate Me!
4:27 "We have had you hear enough" aka "get lost"
Dani Proteau
Well she isn’t bias
It is pretty funny how the expert tries so hard to come up with a "creative" way to shill for Trump; then blurts out about HRC, "she's imploding!" LOL. If you want to know if someone's lying, don't trust "body language experts." Just do fact checks. If they say something, do the research to find out if it's actually true.
Valentine Michael
The journalist are faking it to seem exited.
Keith Williams2
"We're not letting politics get into this" the segment is literally called "the politics of body language" and how politicians move when they speak wtf
This woman in green is wearing hella clothes.
natalie bowman
No it means Trump is a circus clown
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The Story That CNN Would NEVER Expert Reads Body Language 11 months ago   15:40

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