The Most Expensive Employee Fails EXPENSIVE FAILS.. 💰💥 2 days ago   10:42

No job is safe from human error. From time to time, we all make mistakes, even professionals who have a huge experience in their field. We can get up on the wrong side of the bed, or get lost in thoughts, or simply lose focus. In most cases, the employee just gets reprimanded, but sometimes the mistake can have very serious consequences.
Today we will tell you about the mistakes of employees of large companies that cost them millions of dollars.

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Trebor Ironwolfe

*Bob:* "Hey Phil, I see a reflection ahead and to the right. Let's investigate."
*Phil:* "You've got to be kidding me. Those Earthlings seem to just be chunking random junk up here now."
*Bob:* "Maybe it's time we pay them another visit."
Trebor Ironwolfe
Excel is a powerful thing.
Sam Sullivan
What are the name of the airplane movies you used?
NoVa_KeVz Z
WTH IS that thumbnail
sumit pratap maurya
Those poor plane passengers. 1 like = love for the people who died
unfortunately, such errors still exist in the future
Jim Brewer
It amazes me how the narration of the worst disaster in aviation history killing 586 souls can remain so jovial and upbeat not to mention the Piper Alpha disaster, the worst in British petroleum industry or the Deep Water Horizon disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, also a British endeavor, coming in a close second. I guess indifference and the passage of time dull the sensitivity and gravity of such events for some, but some of us remember them as the human and ecological tragedies that they were, nevermind the monetary losses. But this is just one man's humble observation and commentary.
IceT Anims
Is That Gum? 0:55
smith Israel
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Frank John
Click bait.
I'll never clock on another of your videos again.
MVP㐅ꪜᥲ𐡀ɨꪎ OP
Enchanted Production
Those poor plane passengers. 1 like = love for the people who died
donald peters
Anytime we concern ourselves with the monetary aspect of loss, we diminish the human loss...Peace
Human f.uckup everything, even god is still hiding from the human.
Ihsan Ahmad
Wow that’s......

Read more
Pak Hunter
jk fn
eric rodriguez
That's lot damage
Whats In the name
Human causes destruction
Like for good luck 👍
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EXPENSIVE FAILS.. 💰💥 The Most Expensive Employee Fails 2 days ago   12:08

These fails are so sad!
expensive fails..
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