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Eaten Alive By A Mosquito 😲 | News 10/21/19 | Fox News Radio - At Up-Tube.com

Eaten alive by a mosquito 😲 News 10/21/19 | FOX News Radio 2 days ago   02:48

Saadon Aksah
In this episode the vlogger goes hiking and he was eaten alive by a mosquito.

#hiking #mosquitoes #nosmallcreator

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Amateur Workout
that's funny, cool classic music, nice video as usual
Ray Hayden, J.D.
See, this is hilarious because I had shot a video of myself working on a back field, and there was a mosquito pretty much having lunch on my face the whole time - and I never knew it until I edited the video! Dropping another LIKE on your video! Watching and Supporting!
Josh the Travel Guy
The bugs are really beautiful. We can't go for a hike here without getting eaten by bugs, lol.
Sha mix and match
Oh no mosquitos..
Nice flowers..and nice place too.
Cup o' Joe
Beautiful colours. Beautiful bug. Great music. Thank you.
Chris Mizo
have you ever heard anyone say "I love mosquitoes!" haha great video cuz!
Carl The Brit in The Philippines
Nice bit of filming Saadon, and the video is very clear too.. Great share my friend, hope you are having a nice day there... Carl
Silomroad HollandAsianVibe
Very nice Have a great weekend
Hope you're having a good day
Gareth Bretton
this was great! super cool video, loving the content!
La vida misma con Mich
Great video, like 11 !!! regards !!!
Looks like a jungle in a city
Can't eat alive stuffs
nice share friend,dont let the mosquito bite you lol,btw thanks for always supporting us
Nice to have nature right next to home
BK42 Channel
Mosquitos are killing me here as well :)
Those mosquitoes can be very beastly... I hope the mosquitoes are enjoying the tasty vlogger blood at least
I am Leo the Unique
I hate mosquitos and love your cat😻🤗
Bears and Butters
Hey Saadon!! Seriously... Mosquitos are not fun!!! Great video and thanks for sharing!! Cute cat at the end!! Much love!
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News 10/21/19 | FOX News Radio Eaten alive by a mosquito 😲 2 days ago   00:00

News 10/21/19 | FOX News Radio Today October 21, 2019
News 10/21/19 | FOX News Radio Today October 21, 2019
News 10/21/19 | FOX News Radio Today October 21, 2019