P.K. Subban | Cold As Balls Kevin Hart vs Draymond Green 2 weeks ago   13:11

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Kevin Hart and Nashville Predators defenseman, P.K. Subban, are deep in the #ColdasBalls tub! Watch the two talk all things hockey and answer the question on everyone's mind: why is the hockey puck black? Powered by Old Spice - http://bit.ly/ColeAsBalls
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as a swede, im TRIGGERD after he said they are the best hockey country. then i realised hes canadien, it calmed me a little bit
Thank you for your support 4 months after it's been out of the theaters. LOL
Mick Davis
Hockey started as a black sport..then it was put on ice cause blacks couldn't ice skate at the time
Jonathan Rossianno
Who created this show 😂
fernandez hernandez
He is too funny !
Double O. O.
Dylan Beck
yo this guy is the best
Whitebeard 1327
Do this with Abella Danger!
Noob Squad Fortnite
I HATE! the Predators but PK is alright
Ryan Martin
He should get Boban Marjanović in there 😂
Darin Kaintz
I thought this was gonna be funny...
Turf Retro
He kinda sound like ski mask
Monstarchan 3
Bruh. Kevin Hart should do Jordan Borroughs 2012 gold olyumpic freestyle wrestler
Great interview , nice to see PK is continuing to get more exposure 👍🏻.
Tyler Garza
PK's the man
Malika Falls
4:55 😂😂😂
Malika Falls
You got the hockey puck, and then we got you 😂😂😂😂😂
Khaiah Mann
"You're professionally small" 😂
St Louis Blues Fan
Seguin would be another good hockey player to do. Crosby can be funny sometimes too.
Ezekiel Nichols
All the coldest balls shows Kevin Hart did he never go straight into the tub 🛀
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Kevin Hart vs Draymond Green P.K. Subban | Cold As Balls 2 weeks ago   07:36