P.K. Subban | Cold As Balls Kevin Hart vs Draymond Green 3 months ago   13:11

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Kevin Hart and Nashville Predators defenseman, P.K. Subban, are deep in the #ColdasBalls tub! Watch the two talk all things hockey and answer the question on everyone's mind: why is the hockey puck black? Powered by Old Spice - http://bit.ly/ColeAsBalls
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Noah Woodrum
Get Novak Djokovic in there
"my dad played basketball he was the only normal one" xDD
Tyler Shereace
Should there be a white puck and black ice.
**Thinks about walking to school in the winter**
My reaction: Nope. Not a good idea
Eduardo De Dios
Bring Mike Tyson
Sam Sosa
11:08 had me dead😭😭
MeMe CoRnEr
The Wanjiru
"comment allez vous? et vous? ratatouille et pasta"💀💀💀
Rebecca Johnson
PK is so tough
Jim Hamberg
Keenan Walker
We got the puck and then we got you 😂😂😂
Magnus Pääjärvi
The reason PK was traded was because he was hated by his teammates and management in Montreal. He is the Sean Avery of modern hockey.
I Wanna See Two People On Here Unc Shannon, And Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson
bubba bands
U need Jon jones up here
Jason Hall
Yo Kev,

Can you get Tobe Nwigwe your show? He does rap and played football in college.

He’s an dope outlier!!

Also jimmy ALLEN!! Dope artist!! Check them out!! Please please
Lil Kev
We need Shannon sharpe or the ROCK
Lol @ I will knock you out
I met P.K he is my favorite hockey player
Dahteam Dah
Kev is so fluent in French 😅😅😅
Savanna Muir
“ eh ratatouille eh pasta” 😂💀💀
Savanna Muir
Imagine Marc-André Fleury on here😂😂
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Kevin Hart vs Draymond Green P.K. Subban | Cold As Balls 3 months ago   07:36