11 Shirts For Marbles' 11th Birthday 200 СЛОЁВ НОГТЕЙ - САМЫЕ ДЛИННЫЕ 9 months ago   11:32

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life'sa fact
No one:
Absolutely no one:
Zachary Allen
Next birthday you should get him a map so he'll maybe know where he is
I have a min pin who is also 11 and she acts like a puppy still
Nicole Abed
Love the Jean jacket! I got a Kiss jacket for my dog! Marbles you are such a sweetie 😍 😘
Stephanie Rossmoine
Dude Jenna marbles loves her dog so much she knows all of their birthdays....I don't even know my mom's birthday
Kloudy K
4:13 kermit poops on marbles
Alua Davis
marbles looked much happier in the dress than the shirts
I don’t know about you guys but whenever I need a little pick me up in my life I will just watch this video ❤️❤️❤️
Boin Whyte
Anyone that believes in reincarnation: marbles in his last life was Albert Einstein or someone else who was really smart and in this life he chose to be a cute dog that gets treated to dressing up cuddles and naps.
spaghetti . jpeg
I'm literaly going to cry so hard when Marbles goes cause that's Jenna's baby. She's has this dog for over 10 years... back when she would just vlog drunk on her couch, through 2 or 3 boyfriends at this point hes been there for her. Honestly just how different she is from then to now it's like he's always been exactly what she needs, when she needs it.
Ive made myself emotional again fuck
Omg I have the same birthday as peach
Suzu13 Juuzou13
Oh my goodness! I teared up actually. Dogs are the best. Little turds sometimes, though! Haha My girl hates clothes on her but she is fine with her winter coat, somehow. I haven’t tried to put too much on her because I know she doesn’t like it. She is a big Yorkie so people mistake her for a boy. I made sure her harness and collar were pink for a reason. Jeez. People still get it wrong. She cute as hell still! Haha Love your dogs and videos! Admire you guys a lot. Stay well! 🙂
Sara Liliana Buitrago Aguilar
Adopt my dog Lola she is in Colombia with my parents but I will pay to fly her to the US if anyone is willing to give her a loving home. She is medium sized, looks like a dalmation, is 7 years old and has had a similar experience of abuse in past like bunny! If you are interested email me at adoptlolanow@gmail.com! I will send pictures and details.
Kristina Hammouda
Love Jenna's video, she makes going to the bathroom so much fun.
Tara Neal
So frickin cute 😄
Marbles is so precious.
10 seconds in, Jenna asked Mr Marbles to turn around and he DID, wow such a good boy, so smart, so athletic!
Solene Girault
Marbles looks so much like Yoda on vacation it scares me hahaha😂😂
Kitty Kat
I think my favorite by a long shot was the jean jacket....I went "oh my god" also dogs in pajamas are one of my favorite things
Kitty Kat
marbles is gender nonconforming and I'm here for it honestly
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200 СЛОЁВ НОГТЕЙ - САМЫЕ ДЛИННЫЕ 11 Shirts For Marbles' 11th Birthday 9 months ago   14:28

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