Cleetus McFarland Vs Finnegan Diesel Trying to Max the Dyno with Goofy 5 months ago   27:02

Finnegan's Garage
This is the biggest deal to ever go down on this channel! YouTube Superheroes Cleetus McFarland Cooper made the haul from Florida to Georgia to race his Ford Galaxie against the OG Roadkill Ramp Truck. Both have turbocharged Cummins 6BT 5.9L Diesel engines. Both have speed parts from Powerdriven Diesel and they both roll coal.

The Galaxy has the edge in the weight department because the Ramp Truck is a 9,500 lb Chevy R30 Crew Cab with a ramp bed on the back. But the Ramp Truck has twin turbskies, larger fuel delivery valves, better valve springs and a few other tricks that may even the playing field. Who will win this battle Royale of homebuilt hot rods?

Meanwhile, Mike Cotten and David Newbern have been thrashing to get Newbern's Attempted Murder Nova back together with it's new 550ci Big-Block Chevy. In Episode 73 we nearly got it running before a messed up flywheel stopped the starter motor from cranking the big block. This time the engine is rumbling thanks to a new billet flywheel and twin-disc racing clutch from Mantic and Newbern finally gets a chance to run the car down the dragstrip.

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Hell yeah brother
Spec clutches are junk
Jeff Leblanc
Speed kill buy a ford
Jeff Leblanc
Go. Come on finnegan kick some cleetus ass ramp truck will smoke ford my prediction it’s gonna run a 1390
Nate C
I hate Cleetus for the personality he portays on his channel but he seems like such a cool and down to earth guy in other peoples videos. Either way this was awesome Mike!
Xavier Payne
fisty mopar
I love it $700 worth of ignition box and a 7 PSI mechanical fuel pump. That's why I watch. \M/
If anyone wants to skip to the dragstrip action it's at 9:00
Any idea the name of the music around 13:00 when they show off the galaxie?
Marcos Garcia
You should get the vet-cart an Leroy together an have some roadkill fun 🦅🏎
The action is awesome and fun, but the music selection for your videos is even better; Quinton Tarrantino would be proud!!!
Ryan Cavanaugh
..go fund me.
24.12 wooohooo bahaha slowmo its funny asf hahahaha
Good stuff as always.
Bob Ross
is newbern related to frank fritz?
a tribute to Yeah, Sure
Fetus McFartman.
Mike deAngelo
i aint a car man but this is so kewl
Curious to know why you're using a mechanical fuel pump instead of an electric one.
Looks like alot of fun. Love this channel.... When will you post some drag boat video?
Shayne Dumas
HELL YEAH!!! Loved it Mike
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Trying to Max the Dyno with Goofy Cleetus McFarland Vs Finnegan Diesel 5 months ago   25:38

Goofy built Shane invites his buddies over to the shop while his Dads at Race week with Cleetus, and boi oh boi do they rock the house!! So sit back and hold on tight these guys are about to lay down some power!
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