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Who said girls know nothing about cars? This clever girl shows off her mad mechanic skills to some bewildered men. She takes the boosting cables away from the battery and puts them where they belong, on the wipers! BAM! The car starts!

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shaunboy howdon
it does not work just tried it useless it is
Alex Cooper
Istvánné Bertha
Nipple slip
Danny Clark
It's amazing how ignorant many "men" are these days.
To see something like that at not instantly know it's some sort of stunt of some kind....

To be able to even remotely be astonished by it, in disbelief.... It's obvious they really have no clue how vehicles work, and don't know WHY "jumper cables" do what they do, or how they do it.

They "think" they know, but they have no clue.
Black people reactions are the best haha
Babaloo Bimbo
she should had plugged it into her ass for a quicker hot start.
patrick langat
Faked to look so real!
Don't the people getting pranked notice that the cars have no registration plates? Hmmm..
Say it !
Women Can !!
Derek Nye
Would anyone know of the song in the background?
Growterz A
A perfect short circuit
too many people
so funny
Lol all the triggered mysogynists have come out to this comment section 💁🏻‍♀️
Trucks to Tractors Repair
This is retarded
Winter Haydn
This is so wrong. Vegans should never be mechanics!
Ashwin pro4321
0:48 that japanese guy was ready to sell this idea to toyota
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