Life without plastic | DW Documentary How San Francisco Is Becoming A Zero Waste 9 months ago   12:08

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A Bavarian family has decided to do without plastic, to protect themselves from the toxins it contains. But plastic is an integral part of daily life nowadays. Will they be able to avoid it completely?


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Mariajen Xxz
and now what happened after years??😂🤣😂🤣
og jenny
Finally, a positive solution, regarding our recycling crisis
Big John
There is no such thing as plastic
Love Music
Medically sound to get rid of any plastic in your home that you can do without. A good lifestyle trainer for children The family will be in contact with enough plastic through transportation, communication (computers and perhaps stereos), medical.
Love Music
Can anyone please tell me what the last ingredient was in her toothpaste recipe?
Coconut oil, baking soda, xylitol...and wetting chalk?
Ju Stdoit
The reason they threw away the plastic they already owned instead of using them is because their aim wasn't a zero waste life, it was because according to them plastic is harmful to human health. Although, shouldn't they move into a place where nothing is made of plastice (furniture, ,floor, vehicles, etc.)
adrian betti
It always boggles my mind when people like this, and vegans continue to drive everywhere. I'm a part of a vegan group and this lady drove all around town about 50 miles to find vegan donuts.
Dark Soul
The end is realistic 👍
Mark Yaske
Nobody can survive without plastic credit cards.
Robin azdreamer
Use what you have then slowly replace... Look into TerraCycle or a free swap group for some of those items instead of just tossing them for fancy replacement
Carolina Blanco
well done. iam trying, is hard, but i think is time soon to started , everything is coming in plastic.and is not even necessary, but it is. thank to sharing
Jack Jackson
I hate watching people throw out perfectly useable plastic things. Use them until you can't anymore and THEN throw them out. You're just adding to the waste issue. Clearly she has no plastic fertility issues. I'm all for reduction on single use plastics but come on!!! 😕
ʻUmar ibn al-Khaṭṭāb Malaysia
Plastic really killing us slowly. We all need to stand with this family. Plastic is very serious issue for earth life and ocean life .Rwanda stop the plastic use check how clean the capital city Kigali be come a cleanest city in Africa. This family are awesome.
It’s a bit harsh of the parents throwing away their kids toys. They should’ve kept the plastic toys until they’re grown out of it and gave them to a charity store. Also are they aware that there’s plastic containers that’s bpa free and use bars of soap, toothpaste tabs/powder, deodorant bars and shampoo bars.
this is why action needs to be taken on the industry's end. it's not feasible or reasonable to expect people to have to go through all this just to avoid something they didn't need to begin with. if we simply required companies to do away with plastic wherever possible then we would reduce our plastic waste exorbitantly. it really irritates me that people act like even that is an inconvenience when the real inconvenience is that our oceans are filled with microplastics.
Anant Singh Durgavanshi
Item specific gradual global ban is what is needed....ppl will adjust...well they will have to.
Georgina Shanti
It has it's merits, but what about all the plastic items she is throwing away to go plastic free? Won't it all end up in landfill eventually? Seems to defeat the purpose.
Throwing out the child toys in front of the children 😫
James Gowin
Yay, for thousands of dollars more you can live like a caveman.
Ryan Woodcock
Making your own toothpaste is easy; using coconut oil, baking soda and xylitol, also known as bird shsh...sugar.
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How San Francisco Is Becoming A Zero Waste Life without plastic | DW Documentary 9 months ago   04:16

To watch the next episode about how Lauren Singer fit 2 years of trash in a single jar, click here:

According to the EPA, the national recycling rate in the U.S. is only about 34%. That means most of our solid waste goes to landfills and incinerators - including recyclable items like paper, glass, metal and plastic. Massive amounts of food waste that can be composted is clogging landfills, creating dangerous greenhouse gases. Many cities are starting to tackle this problem by implementing policies to help curb the waste by recycling and composting more. It's known as the "zero waste" movement, and San Francisco is on the forefront. Other cities that have zero waste goals include Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis, Austin, and Oakland. But San Francisco has been the most aggressive. In 2009 the board of supervisors passed an ordinance requiring all residents and business to recycle and compost their waste, making it the first American city to make composting mandatory. Its goal is to achieve zero waste by 2020, and it has diverted 80% of its waste from landfills so far. Now the city is getting attention from all around the world. Government officials from China, Italy, France, Denmark, India and many other countries have visited San Francisco's state of the art recycling and composting facilities in hopes of learning how to replicate its success.

For more on San Francisco's Zero Waste plan:

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Executive Producer: Laura Ling
Producer: Pam Torno
Cinematographers: Matthew Piniol, Spencer Snider
Editor: Lee Mould