I Made an *OG SKIN* Clan In Fortnite! I can't believe he let me win... 1 week ago   14:13

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I love how ive been to the click house i found the click house and i found lazerbeams apartment
Lachy did this
at least give lachy credit like if u agree
The DarkNub
Oh and also i remember the time when there were no back blings
The DarkNub
My friend downloaded Fortnite before battle royale mode.
Youtube PandaMan
Is this a lachy video?
Muselk make something a bit original like exclusive skins only I haven’t seen that or tier 100 skins only idk
That guy On TV
I have played since day 1 but I don’t waste money on new games
Itz Ayden
Ik rexxy40 sub to his channel (he used to go to my school and he is my friend)
Fuse Bros
this is basically lachlans vid
Dark Wolf
Did anyone notice that there is no game audio
V-Bux Creator Tool
Ribs S
I love how Elliot is saying that you haft to use code muselk 😝😝
Decky Plays
The black night is rarer then the elf
Gaming Girl 08
I went as renegade rader
The Real Eruptz
Why no game audio btw?
The Real Eruptz
My most OG items (because epic re-released my other OG items)
Mako glider, 'F' fortnite banner, axecallibur axe, blue squire, royale knight, founders gear
Shopping trolly
This is me:
-Team mate looks on the mini map and sees me running towards loot-
*team mate* BOI!
Wiker Pro
Im an og i have "The Deffault" suck noob 😀 (think, its The first Skin off the game)
We got It you know it
#9:00 most og fortnite player ever wow
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I can't believe he let me win... I Made an *OG SKIN* Clan In Fortnite! 1 week ago   13:03

I can't believe he let me win...

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