I Made an *OG SKIN* Clan In Fortnite! I can't believe he let me win... 6 months ago   14:13

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Jay G
Muselk :Recon raider

Me: boi
Whisper Un1x3ty
1v1 me
Whisper Un1x3ty
Show your locker
samo samo2008
Cengiz 58
These wings are og they are since season 2
i have the OG trucker outfit from season 1
Mani Sharma
Roses are red
Violets are blue
I like my own comment
Cause no one else will do 😭
Nicholas Guillen
Copy cater lachy all ready did this
Terrence Allen
Black Knight is og
You mad brother? ?
Ghoul trooper thicc af in the thumbnail
There is a clan with only recon experts so this is not the most og clan
Happy Boy
I started season 2
Does Bunnymoon count?
Canon Painter
00:27 no elfs not rare he moves his head and in the back there is a elf skin/BOI
Atticus Baumhauer
2:53 recon raider flex
Vugf Fy*yfc
What elf is good
Sean Misner
Rip game audio
Osvaldo Guerra
Is the royale knight a OG skin?
What if I rock an og banner on my skin
Can we GET 1000 subscribers with these videos GX
Can every body pls sub to me! PLEASE!!!!
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I can't believe he let me win... I Made an *OG SKIN* Clan In Fortnite! 6 months ago   13:03

I can't believe he let me win...

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