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5 Creative Diy Photography Hacks | 6 Simple Photography Hacks To Get You Off The Auto - At Up-Tube.com

5 Creative DIY Photography Hacks 6 Simple Photography Hacks To Get You Off The AUTO 2 days ago   03:39

Jessica Kobeissi
....and OK OK some extra materials *BUT* THEY'RE NOTHING CRAZY.
Enjoy my favorite photo hacks using a simple piece of glass.

Don't roast me guys I just wanted a cool title lmao

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Comments 303 Comments

I love this video. I would love more like it. I would also love a tutorial on how to achieve the effect that is on the photo on your home youtube page. It looks like snow or fine glitter. I keep seeing this on photos on instagram but I have not found a good tutorial yet. Love your channel!
All of them were really cool. But I liked the glass alone and I loved the effect the shiny stickers had. Wow! Definitely want to try at my next photoshoot.
Victoria J. Palmer
So cool
Tonie Solomon
Thx for the tricks jessica i love them so easy to do plz make more of these vids plz
Anthony PC
Stunning model !
Lucas Waidelich
You are amazing
Scarlet Music Official
All of those were amazing.
Sophie Williams
shoots are so awkward
osso th
Jessica i want you to make a video on Victoria model.. Love
Krystian Harasimczuk
Why, why, why is the fishmouth and hands touching face necessary for female models?
TheNames Tia
This is so dope I’m trying all of these !!! I love it
BeUtfull Images
Absolutely amazing, Thank you for the ideas. I think the gel was my favorite.
Jamie Macasinag
I love the jelly and water dropssss
Fabulous!!! I LOVE these ideas! Thank you so much.
Jake Thomas
Cool ideas Jessica! Super charming presentation of some fun creative portrait ideas. Love your stuff!
sooe milkie
hey, jessica! give us some more! THIS WAS AWESOME!! 😍
Davis T.
You look alike to the model...relatives?
Pornlapat Saligupta
The model looks like a goddess, wow.
Alice Durio
Can you use the cheap plastic glass some of the frame makers use now instead of actual glass? I'm going to try it and let you how it went.
loved these tips 😍
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6 Simple Photography Hacks To Get You Off The AUTO 5 Creative DIY Photography Hacks 2 days ago   07:25

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