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prince saleem
Golden voice my fvrt 😍
Bernadette Lemon Bigone
Julie Nobbs rayfield
Cheers calum.
Ed Verastegui
Love this guy so much, he’s an inspiration! Your album is AMAZING 😉
Joy Smith
You rock Calum
Brenda N
He reminds me of................Jon Snow
Rozlan Abd Majid
Mr Nice Guy....
Brian Boyle
Beautiful voice.
Is a good lad from Ull ... fish n chips with a pattie ... with scraps please .... n salt n vinegar.
Lorena Macias
I love callum scott❤❤❤❤
Rita Contreras
Gay is NOT good... but you do have an amazing VOICE...
Joe Framo
Calum Scott hello from Atlanta Georgia I love you brother my God you did so good that song was such an impact on people and people's lives you're awesome it was just meant to be good luck to your brother and God bless
Kat Katelnikoff
He has the voice of an Angel ❤️
Barbie Whaley
Calum Scott u r a very humble talented and sexy man with such a beautiful heart n soul and when u open ur mouth that's wn it floods with ur amazing voice. Keep being u and nvr change! Ur awesome
Nazma Wanza
Omg he give me butterflies in tummy cute pie kiss right to him 😘😍😘😍😘😍
nancy gathere
humble humble,come to Kenya
Rico Suave
Read this sick puppy loves oral sex, that's sick man!
Sue Taylor
Calum is the whole damn package..Brilliant guy..
sherry-ann ramlogan
I just love this man Calum Scott...and You are the reason will always be his biggest hit...💯💯❤❤
Dawna Gamble
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Heartwarming applause makes Calum Calum Scott tells us about 2 months ago   08:04

Calum Scott playing his unreleased song No Matter What on April 28, 2018 at the Melkweg in Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

songs starts at 02:03

James TW concert:

Shawn Mendes concert:

Ed Sheeran concert: