2018 Haulmark 45DB Motorhome Skydancer : the cabriolet motorhome 2 days ago   10:17

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This 2018 Haulmark Motorhome model 45DB is a Quad Slide - Bath and a Half Floorplan that includes a 23 cubic foot stainless steel refrigerator, solid surface countertops, and a full wall mosaic backsplash in the kitchen. The bedroom includes a standard king bed along with a cedar lined closet and storage chest. The full wall solid surface garden shower includes an inset mosaic backsplash, as well as a solid surface step and caddy.

This unit features the Steel Exterior Paint Option & Glazed Rustic Driftwood Hardwood Cabinetry

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Timber Wolf
Music was repetitive, loud and very annoying! Where's the price?!
Алексей Круглов
This is a real apartment on board a truck!!!
randy cornwall
Wow talk about ruffing it
Marciolemosmachado Machado
Isso sim quem tem dinheiro sabe aproveitar a vida
dave cruzen
Not too sure I'd plop down the cash for a VOLVO. My reason......it's now Chinese owned. They always cut corners to save a buck. They bought out Fiskar/Karma electric vehicle company and are in the process of shutting the car division down. Taking company in another direction.
Like I said, Chinese nationals are notorious for cutting corners.
Put melanine in pet food to increase profits but killed off American pets.
Also put melanine in THEIR baby formula. Killed off a BUNCH of Chinese newborns.
Too bad VOLVO sold out to China.
I'll pass on anything that China touches as best I can. Dont trust them.
They turn out questionable products.
Will never travel to China either. Air is too polluted. Buildings collapse. They built a Great Wall.
Need I say more, I could go on and on.
Ali alshehri
ياالله ماهاذا الجمال والابداع 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Thumbs Up !
Rear logo looks like a preschooler designed it. 👎
Mohd Khalid Mohd Yusop
Damon Davis
So no shower in the den area
Damon Davis
This is me right here nice Rig since I'm a trucker this fits me
Erik Jensen
For very old people. 👎
Juan Rojas
Excellent Video.😎
George Ofthejungle
I see outside of truck, wow great, I see inside and first thing comes to mind is some designer is getting fired for trying to bring back the 90s.
Ильнуо Глимзяноа
Хочу! Эххх не в этой жизни
Kevin Christiansen
Awesome looking motor home
Alexander Kshennikov
Музыка бесит , А дом хорош, даже очень.
Joseph McMillion
Interior looks outdated and fan cheapens it as well
كفو ٠٠كفوك اطيب
What a wasted video. The music is too loud, and absolutely no info about the unit... smh!
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Skydancer : the cabriolet motorhome 2018 Haulmark 45DB Motorhome 2 days ago   10:44

The idea for a cabriolet motorhome goes back several years and has appeared at trade fairs in Dusseldorf and Warsaw, however this prototype could be ready for production. More information will appear later on this curious vehicle.
Proposed pricing would be around EUR120k but as always this depends on options taken and more to the point, price heavily depends on manufacturing technology.
Spoken tour here : https://up-tube.com/upvideo/3OahI-8wHbZ