15 Footballers Who Scored With First 20 Most Stupid Goalkeeper Mistakes 1 month ago   04:51

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Иван Дядичев
where is the Konoplyanka goal in the match vs Borussia??? https://up-tube.com/upvideo/p_oPkdPjsnV
Márton Bálint
Wow, Mbappe 2 times coming off for a player who scores with his first touch
michael liverpoolian
You deserve 100 million subs
Kevin Kampl vs Eintracht Frankfurt, 70"
Roel ten Kate
Didn't Giroud score two goals with his first two touches?
Daniel Solano
Kevin Kampl with Bayer Leverkusen
shaikh awais
He forgot messi
Fina Mari Navarro Mestre
And Messi vs Sevilla?😠
B_ 4Haroun
costarika's player againste uruguay wc 2014 3-1
Eddie nkeitah?
Belle Abdullahi
I'm danish .Please danish super lig
That feeling though!
john benet
O Vizinho
Bendtner was a meme, but that header is just amazing
WSF Erion
You deserve more Subscribers , your Videos are amazing
Romano Marques
Paloschi Goal vs Siena?
Alessandro Mariani
Totti Vs Torino?
Diddy King
Lord Bendtner ! 😍😍😍
Hanat Ali
Amazing video
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20 Most Stupid Goalkeeper Mistakes 15 Footballers Who Scored With First 1 month ago   07:04

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