GET OUT of my CAR, NOW GET OUT OF MY CAR BUT IT'S ITALIAN 4 months ago   01:51

i dont own the animation. the original is made by psychicpebbles, he is an amazing content creator who i respect very much that makes hilarious animations:

this video is not monetized. i’m sick and tired of retards in the comments claiming that i stole psychicpebbles’ content. you can contact Zach if you think he wants to take this down, I don't really care. this is merely a edit for FUN to entertain people. if you don’t like this video then leave a dislike

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Samuel Toomer
Kris Tolledo
I like the new episode of clarence
Pavel Buchweitz
Was soll die scheiße du Nazi hast du irgendwelche Probleme?
raphael vilas
Saly Si
101% meme
RSG Agency
1:06 ear rape
ImEnder King
Warum steht dort 1:43 "JUDEN SOLLTEN STERBEN"?
hristo gradinarski
This is a parody of a cartoon parody of a real life parody xD
Eduardo Pomar
When your friend tells a bad joke me at 1:47
Shoe Rue
I was wearing headphones.
I almost went deaf.
Lily Martinez
No wonder she needs to go to the hospital cuz she has issues
WirelessGem WirelessGem
Paskull Trooper
1:37 when you have subtitel on,on german it sas:Juden sollten sterben" at the point when he is entering the car

Juden sollten sterben=Jews should die
Eduardo Pomar
1:05 Wow the incredibles 2 trailer has huck in it nice
Emily Cambray
Anton Dereke
why don't she just get out
Rayghan Culbertson
The real question is did she actually get out of the car
The Disciple Simon Peters Church
The word of the lord is Jesus beloved brother
Nessaphile xp
Not cool Zach works hard on this shit
씨발 자막누가달았엌ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
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GET OUT OF MY CAR BUT IT'S ITALIAN GET OUT of my CAR, NOW 4 months ago   01:35


Ricordo ancora la prima volta che vidi questo capolavoro di psychicpebbles, ero sul divano e stavo ridendo talmente tanto da avere le lacrime agli occhi. Non c'è magia più bella che un video su YouTube possa trasmetterti e spero quindi di aver dato giustizia con questo doppiaggio italiano. E sì, la mia gola ne risentirà per un po' e... sticazzi.