Why Amazon Is Gobbling Up Failed Malls American shopping malls struggle 1 day ago   05:43

Wall Street Journal
As the decline of brick and mortar retail rolls on, commercial real estate developers are left with massive abandoned properties. Who will fill that underutilized space? A series of recent acquisitions by associates of Amazon in Northeastern Ohio provides some clues.

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Roger Moore
Empty Malls are monuments to failure.
Stranger Things Season 3
Billy Engerson
Well they are an orwellian corporate.
Kylie K
What will teenager do with out the mall their fav hangout spot?
huh wut
Amazon hires temps so they get no benefits
David Cross
Lower prices on shipping Amazon!
Liam Walsh
Malls *exist*

Amazon “it’s free real estate”.
Leroy Hill
I smell alibaba and jd.com copycats lol smh
Funny, reminds me of Walmart. These folks are literally shifting the retail experience and having manufacturers bow-down to them.
Yo Man
The Sun Valley Mall Concord CA sits on prime farmland, I say tear it down reclaim it as farmland, take the dregs of society dry them out get them off drugs, and put them to work growing food
Yo Man
The only thing I know is I had a chance to buy them at $3.65 a share and I had $125,000 to invest Waaaa !!!!!
I still don't buy anything from Amazon.

I don't see why I have to be forced into "upgrading to Prime" when plenty of other e-commerce sites have better, and cheaper options.

Although I am a Barnes and Noble member 😊
miorhyt .,.
Who else has the SCP foundation popping in their mind hearing "euclid"
In the future we will order everything online no more stores just warehouses
Ruberman Rodriguez
I really hope something like this happens in Savannah. The Savannah Mall is a great space. If they can mix their industrial space with good stores. Maybe Amazon can help local businesses by also allowing them to sale things on and for Amazon.
I pledge allegiance to the republic of the United States of Amazon
Jarid Gaming
That land wont generate taxes with Amazon in the building because Amazon does not pay taxed.
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American shopping malls struggle Why Amazon Is Gobbling Up Failed Malls 1 day ago   06:14

Since the 1950s shopping malls became a fixture of the American landscape. But with the growing popularity of online shopping, malls across the country are struggling and even shutting down. Mark Strassmann reports on how one entrepreneur has found a new way to reel in consumers.