Rocket League Tutorial: Perfect The best rotation advice in 3v3 | Advanced 2 days ago   05:38

Howdy pard'ners! You'll be rotating like Squishy, or Jhzer, or Turbo, or whoever has the best clickbait in NO TIME, thanks to episode 4. It has rapidly come upon us and this time, it's not gonna let you get away with sloppy ol' rotations. Gone are the days of bumping into team mates and hanging out under the ball with a mojito, lacking any urgency to return to your back post.


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Sorry but idk my teammates arent rotating they are just ballchasing. I cant do anything i just got ranked down also the opponents are blocking everthing can predict all balls doesnt matter where and they are much faster. Need help
Was that a cheeky little wave dash at 4:46?
How come the views aren't pouring in?
Karl with a C
Dylan deserved it
Awang Budiman
I remember a random guy I played with in ranked, he never rotated within the first 2 minutes of the game, so I typed "Rotate please." in chat. He did, and stayed in net the entire game, triggered by my seemingly-aggressive request. Anyway, he got good clears and I scored 3 goals which won us the game. So.. yeah.
A Bare Bear
Gibbs punting the ball down the pitch... ahh life was simpler then
Will the beating be with a cane or with Sir Michael Cain? Or will the cane beating be delivered by Sir Michael Cain? Asking for a friend..
Butternut Josh
1 Like = 1 Prayer for dylan
Before watching this......Take a shot, if you miss...rotate. It's pretty simple, and no 537 video.
Harley smith
Video starts at 1:30. Over 25% pure ads and sponsorship talk in these videos sadly.
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The best rotation advice in 3v3 | Advanced Rocket League Tutorial: Perfect 2 days ago   04:47

In this video I will be going over the best and most efficient habits to have in your 3v3 rotations in Rocket League! With these tips, you will hopefully have a better understanding of where to be on the field, and why.

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