Paper 2 -Section B - Tourism Case GCSE English Language Paper 3 months ago   08:05

A case study for AQA Geography Paper 2 - Jamaica.

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Espero este ayudarme
Cynthia Love
Thanks.I will write my essay on Tourism for upcoming Social Studies exam.
soren pedersen
why dont u put in the high murder rate or the crime rate? dont you think thats kind of important to tell people ?
Akib Rahman
Who gonna turn 16 in 2018 Jan to august
Thank you this really helped for my Geography exam!!!
Dwight the_artist
I am from jamaica, i lived close to two hotels in a small community that had a tourist shopping village, it had been very prosperous until the foreign investors decided it was time to make more room, the shopping village was eventually demolished and used as a dump for the newly built hotel "Royalton" Many people have been left without an income plunging the small community into poverty. I have always said and asked why is it that our beaches are owned by foreigners?
Thanks for your Case study
mila benjamin
The only this I was paying attention to was your drawing its pretty
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GCSE English Language Paper Paper 2 -Section B - Tourism Case 3 months ago   09:58

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