Camila Cabello - Consequences (orchestra) fifth harmony leaving out camila 2 weeks ago   03:08

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IsabellyZ LimaZ
É o Dylan Sprouse?
Kyle Clarenz Balaoro
That feeling when your not broken but upon hearing this song you feel broken.
Fabien Sarrailh
Camila Cabello i love you ❤️😍😘
femme vdp
This is the most stunning video I've ever seen.
The new alicia keys is here
Ethan Paz
that ooh-aooh...mhmhm so good!
My Strange Diaries
Who else got Forest Gump vibes?
Monica Fowles
Dear Camila Cabello,

I think you’re song is really beautiful. I listen to it every night before bed. I also think the video is sweet. The beat is so catchy and if that is you in the video, then you are really gorgeous. Your song really speaks to everyone, some can relate and everybody can feel you emotions as you sing!

Monica, 12 😊x
xYusuf Kinq
This is "Perfect" ♥
oks cla
Dylan sprouse 😍😍
Nahir Maldonado
Pablo Vasconselos
Lu Oliveira
Pouca visualização pra uma musica tão bonita.
Blonde & Brunette
Is no one gunna talk bout how Dylan spouse is in this!!??????
Sam Wallen
Nice consequences with that bro!!!🔥
Eden Denis
Am I the only one who taught about Lauren all the song 😍
Ugh my camren heart 😭
Liene Baumane
I love this song😍
Feriel B
Im like that right now feelings r soo bad andd it’s hurtt ... im like a sad song or a romantic movie with a sad end! 😖anyone here feel like that
Feriel B
Yess is righttt ...😂
This song touched my feeling :$
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fifth harmony leaving out camila Camila Cabello - Consequences (orchestra) 2 weeks ago   02:01