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Living In Nyc: Expectations Vs Reality | German Travel Insanity - At Up-Tube.com

Living in NYC: Expectations VS Reality GERMAN TRAVEL INSANITY 1 year ago   06:03

Brett Conti
My expectation of living in NYC vs the reality.
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From all of the movies shot in New York City it creates a lot of expectations for living there. I have lived in NYC for a couple years now and wanted to share some of the expectations vs the reality.

Main Camera - https://bhpho.to/2Ey3tjq
Main Lens - https://bhpho.to/2hlSFxu
Point & Shoot - https://bhpho.to/2hnhdGx
Microphone - https://bhpho.to/2hni1ex
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Brett Conti
FYI since I've been getting a lot of comments about it. The apartment is a converted 2 bedroom. The whole apartment is over $35k a year split between my roommate and I.
xcooc d0d0d0
so ya get all these bums together and put um in tracks suits top hats shit like crack heads and edealers and slam um on your gui andget um actin a foo
Jenna van der Merwe
I lived in nyc for 9 months attending makeup school. I was in Brooklyn heights. Absolutely gorgeous neighborhood. I’m about to move to nyc again very soon with my boyfriend. We love Brooklyn, it’s very different from manhattan, I find that manhattan is super expensive with teeny tiny apartments and if you want a bigger, cheaper place, get away from manhattan. Taking the subway isn’t that awful, it only really sucks when it’s rush hour or there are delays.
Mr. YissaL!
In decicve all the abnormal ppl chilling only ones with fun are the heros and the villian
Yusuf The Normal Kid
I was born here and raised here nyc is my
Adam Forbes
Were those honestly your expectations? I've never been to NY, but I wouldn't expect that.
I was fortunate enough to be able to do a 4 month internship at NYC. It was the best time ever!!! Learned alot!
miss loublou
Wish i was there to take his rose 😂
farhan ramdhan
This is gotham city run by pinguin
Julius jeaN baptiste
The mind of a gentrifier.
tell me why that nigga looked like tom holland
Il Y Aura Du Soleil
4:53 It’s *Empire* State of Mind. New York State of Mind is Billy Joel.
Joshua Wisdom
How cretinous are you? I was convinced you were being satirical when you assumed that you would be living in a large apartment and that New York would be similar to the inauthentic depiction made in ‘friends’.

I would always research before moving to a foreign city, it keeps your expectations in check. You must have created that introduction to stoke laughter, surely. If not, then interesting, an odd outlook I must say.
Great video! Thank you!
Aidan Walden
He forgot to mention that baconeggandcheeseonaroll is one word
Serkan Uysal
Wait for what, you pay that apartment 15k per year in NYC, you are a liar. I live in White Plains in Studio apartment and paying $1450 per month!
$15K a year for rent isn’t bad at all. I pay that in Portland, OR
Raising Davey
So my son is autistic and says he wants to live and go to college in NY. My worry is we've always lived in small towns. I'm talking population 800 or less! Do you have any advice for him. I'm worried mostly that he will get over stimulated by the noise and hustle and bustle there. Also since he's kinda nieve and trusting that he will get taken advantage of a lot.
Bobo Webe
Where You at New york ? Hell kitchen ? Sowrie ?
Nora Kanaan
Recording from the bottom side of your skateboard is genius!
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GERMAN TRAVEL INSANITY Living in NYC: Expectations VS Reality 1 year ago   13:24

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