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Height is nothing
Zdeňka Mládková
I would love to see her with Alfie Allen
Why she don't date me..
Raymond Leggs
She's only been with 5 guys? that's not very many. and 22 is a bit young to be engaged..
Mamta Digpal
I love joe
aise aysa
those boys so small.. LOL
She seems to be into lesbians.
She's to much woman for him.
Dragon Sweet
The only one that I don't like is the last one 😅
Ew she's got terrible taste in guys 🤢
Lydia Natalia
You are so beautiful but you are not smart enough to choose someone better and taller, honey. Even Bieber is a better choice than your boyfriends.
Cara V
It doesn't fucking matter how tall they are. Sheesh.
Wolf Flames
Why does she date guys who look gay AF.
Joanne EnnaJo
im sure she'l date someone taller in the future, shell try it :)
looks like her type is little boys who are directly staring at her magnificent chest...girl is 5'9, yet not one of the guys even comes close to her height lol
Tamino Mueller
Whats with little finger?
Márcia Adriana Fontana
She has a thing for guys that's about her height or shorter than her. Like, literally.
she's always taller than men she's dated. LOLOLOL
Ya no subo videos :V
She's taller than them :c
Kanupriya Vats
Which song is this???
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