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Dale Earnhardt 2000 Winston | Dale Earnhardt "every Man's - At Up-Tube.com

Dale Earnhardt 2000 Winston Dale Earnhardt "Every Man's 7 months ago   04:44

Dale Earnhardt Sr's Runner up speech from his final appearance on the waldorf astoria stage. Earnhardt was runner-up to Bobby Labonte for the 2000 Winston Cup.

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Jeremy Strickland
damn i still miss dale sr i was at dega when he won his last race will forever be one of my favorite memories other than the 98 500
Jeffrey Bamford
I didn't hear him thank the so called bitch wife
Anthony Laudano
I still can't believe you're gone Dale
Jordan Anderson
Hes with our father now, we will see him soon guys
Reinarz Motorsports
3:19 they would sign on Sonic drive in just before the 01 500. The last sponsor Dale ever acquired.
Paul Underwood
Rest in peace Earnhardt he's now in heaven racing angels
Joseph Lucci
They should make a biopic about him
joshua hymer
Well say hello to the end of nascar. It happens a few months later.
Back when nascar was worth watching
Brian Henkel
In my opinion dale did win 8 titles. Ricky Rudd fucked him over in 89 by wrecking him. That asshole Ricky Rudd can burn in hell.
Joe Farmer
Think I'll go deer huntin
Yup Yup
This sport seemed like it was such a close nit family kind of organization. Or maybe it’s just a reflection of how much Earnhardt was apart of the sports growth. Seems like everyone he mentioned in this speech he actually knew on some level. That’s amazing. I really wish I got a chance to meet him. #3
M. Ael
Looked up the word confidence in Websters and saw Sr's picture.
kram Null
All and All I'm gonna put the #3 in the wall...
james farmer
I think I'll go deer hunting too man I miss him
I was 10 years old... wow

Why do all the authentic, genuine and real human die so soon in life. Dude seemed so genuine man smh. May he Rest In Peace
Bob Penney
Dale Sr #3 is the reason I got into NASCAR. He was the best ever!
Dam I miss him ! NASCAR isn’t the same and that’s sad too.
Sandi Pierce
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Dale Earnhardt "Every Man's Dale Earnhardt 2000 Winston 7 months ago   08:22

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