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25 Most Beautiful Christmas Movies | The Kid Who Loved Christmas (Full Movie) - At Up-Tube.com

25 Most Beautiful Christmas Movies The Kid Who Loved Christmas (Full Movie) 2 days ago   02:18

Rob Markievic
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Hi Guys this is a List of my 25 best Christmas movies.
Features of the movies: Family, Drama, Religion, Comedy.
Remember this is only my opinion.
I hope I will help some people out there who search for some movie in this type. Enjoy and Subscribe to my channel.
25 The Note, 24 Die Hard, 23 Saint Nicolas a story of joyful giving, 22 The ultimate gift, 21 The Muppet Christmas carol, 20 Prancer, 19 The family stone, 18 Narnia The lion the witch and the wardrobe, 17 This Christmas, 16 The nativity story, 15 Home alone 2, 14 Jingle all the way, 13 The polar express, 12 The holiday, White Christmas, 10 The Santa clause, 9 Rudolph the red nosed reindeer, 8 The Passion of The Christ, 7 A Charlie Brown Christmas, 6 Home alone, 5 Christmas vacation, 4 Love actually, 3 Elf, 2 Miracle on the 34 street, 1 It’s a wonderful life

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The title with "beautiful" does not fit this assortment of Christmas films as it suggests heart-warming, wholesome and gorgeous, wintry snow images. Many of these XMAS films are bawdy comedies. Perhaps calling it "My Top 25 Favorite XMAS Films" would be more appropriate? Accordingly, I gave you a thumbs-down.
Clo CrazeCartoonGal
I love most of these films
Kevin Sullivan
Just because there is snow in a movie doesn't make it about Christmas
Love Actually is ABSOLUTE SHIT!!! WORST MOVIE EVER!!! Other than that, great line up :-) I love the fact that you mentioned some religious movies, keeping in mind that Christmas is really about Jesus and his birthday, not just Santa Clause
Mark Henry
die hard? and not scrooge (1951), really screwed up!
Cody Weathers
die hard is not a chramas you siped
azra okan
Great list. Check mine http://blog.cinemaparadiso.co.uk/13-films-to-watch-this-christmas/
Haidee Spirit
Planes, trains & automobiles didn't make the list :( my favourite!
Vernopfen Kleidenwaht
Scrooge with Alastair Sim didn't make the list!? Btw Kathleen Harrison who played Mrs. Dilber, Scrooges hosekeeper, lived to the age of 103 years and 10 months.
george dodsley
love it
Emili Payan
home alone2
Shaun Riggle
The passion Hahahahahha. It's beautiful alright ....
Sylvine B
well my favorite is Christmas story. 🎄
uhm halloo pasion of the christ is an easter movie not a christmas movie
monkey face
what about Christmas story? Super classic movie. you could have deleted those Jesus movies you would have had a descent random movie list with some Christmas movies included lol
Sigmar Marijón
half of them aren't even christmas movies LOL
nice list :)
Rob Markievic
Beautiful movies :)
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The Kid Who Loved Christmas (Full Movie) 25 Most Beautiful Christmas Movies 2 days ago   1:28:03

(c)1990 Eddie Murphy Televison/Paramount Television

First of all, Merry Christmas! This upload is of the 1990 CBS movie "The Kid Who Loved Christmas". This came from an airing last week on the UP TV network (the commercials I uploaded recently came from a 1991 airing on local CBS affiliate WTKR).

The main plot focuses on a Chicago jazz musician seeking to adopt a young boy after his wife is killed in a car accident, and has to deal with a large amount of conflict with those who could approve the adoption, along with an offer to play in New Orleans.

CAST (much of which was a Who's Who of black entertainers at that time; information from IMDb, so some of the character info may be incomplete):
Cicely Tyson as Etta
Michael Warren as Tony Parks
Sammy Davis Jr. as Sideman (this was Davis' final project, airing about 6 months after Davis' death in May 1990)
Gilbert Lewis
Charlie Murphy (Eddie's brother)
Ken Page
Ray Parker, Jr (best known for recording the theme for Ghostbusters)
Della Reese as Alicia Slater
Esther Rolle as Esther Clayton (not the first time Rolle was part of a project set in Chicago -- i.e.: Good Times)
Ben Vereen
Vanessa Williams as Lynette Parks
Trent Cameron as Reggie
Jimmy Carville as Taxi Driver/Santa Claus
John Cothran, Jr. as Minister
Irma P. Hall as Mrs. Smith