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There's one version of Woody that was meant for the original Toy Story that almost ended the run Pixar is on before it started. Woody is a Pixar character that has defined their flagship films all the way up to Toy Story 4 and yet, he was almost the reason the first movie wasn't made. There's a reel that is floating around the web that shows exactly what went wrong with this version of the character. This reel also shows exactly what saved the Toy Story franchise.

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I DID NOT lump the wheel, Auto, in Wall-E in with the villains as he’s more of a narrative than obstacle than a character IMO!

Also: If you want more info about how the Black Friday reel came into existence, search katzenberg! Cut a line about Cohen vs coen so the joke isn’t there, but to be clear, not of the Coen brothers! A villain, is not any character that provides an obstacle, or a hurdle, it isn’t even every person that does something wrong within a narrative structure. The wheel, or AI, in Wall-e is not a villain, nor does Pixar classify him or it that way.
Ian McEwan
I just realized woody is voiced by Tom Hanks
*spring wiener*
Michael Veillette
He's got that villan nose
The moment you realize tht the creators wished for a darker chilling toy story movie

Me: *they must be goths*
NAR and RAR Robinson
I hated woody in the black Friday reel.
Unshaken Productions
Despite how unlikable Woody is in the Black Friday, Hanks does do quite well with what he's given.
Lance Williams
I don’t think it was that big of a deal. Woody ended up getting pushed out the window anyways lol why was that okay if this wasn’t
lewis lighting777
Did notice as a kid i never liked how woody did that to buzz but thats the story
"This is not flying this is falling in style"
What a great video, Thanks for making this.
I want to watch this version of Toy Story. I wish they would revisit this
Heckin Heck
I like that they changed Woody's motivation to be based around a fear of being replaced and not being loved anymore. A lot of kids go through that. Parents divorce and make new families, new children are born, new friends come into friendship groups, and it's hard to deal with even as an adult. I feel it's crucial to teach children that it's normal to have that fear, doesn't make you a bad person and that you can still be loved if you share the love with someone else. A new person coming along doesn't mean that you're going to be forgotten- it's an opportunity for you to also make a new relationship. It's such a simple and yet subtle message and angle.
Dr Raccoon
6:55 the villain in wall-e is the ship robot
Brad Lewis
Unless there's two forms of the word prejudice, you misspelled prejudice. Big time.
Dude when I was younger I remember watching this and loved every moment of it.. not just because of the pretty colors or the fact that they were talking toys. But the moment when I realized that woody had a "bad side" but also had a good conscience when he did something wrong. And that for me made me love Woody from the beginning. He made mistakes but learned from them. Plus that Buzz amputated arm trick when he was in Sid's room always made me laugh!😂😂
DopeLeafeon // DLGaming
Okay, but when Woody said "yeah okay alright yeah ehfuhushdhs" and then throwing him out the window was pretty funny.
Jasmine Brown
this episode rekindled my love for pixar movies
Hannahxxxbeauty xoxo
Lmao this is a creepypasta
Yoshubs Yoshisaur
I think woody being the villain in toy story 1 could have created a really interesting story where you see him develop much more as a character. He starts out as this psychopath who is cocky and takes everything for granted but later learns the value of everyone and how being the "favorite toy" has gotten to him. He would become humble, conveying a message that is more valuable than the one in the film already. That is just my opinion, however, and I don't mean to say that toy story is a bad film for doing what it did, it's amazing and I believe it's a timeless classic.
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Why Toy Story 4 Is the WORST One - NitPix The Terrible Version of Woody That 2 days ago   25:45

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It's time to tackle one of my most recommended films to review this week. That's right! Hate Story 4!

Disney and Pixar have been pulling on our heart strings ever since the first Toy Story (1995). We remember Toy Story 2 (1999) and Toy Story 3 (2010) with fondness for the warm fuzzy feeling of our childhood. But now we're grown up and it's sad for me to say, the nostalgia is running out.

Woody is weak, Buzz Lightyear is dumber and Bo Peep is an entirely different character. But maybe I'm just thinking of Caroline too much. Anyone know how I can get her back?


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