Donald Trump Is the Conspiracy-Theorist-in-Chief: A Closer Why You Shouldn't Trust Anthony Scaramucci's 4 months ago   09:53

Late Night with Seth Meyers
Seth takes a closer look at President Trump retweeting a conspiracy theory accusing former President Clinton of murder.
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Donald Trump Is the Conspiracy-Theorist-in-Chief: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

Comments 5019 Comments

mozac s
Her voice sounds like a diesel with bad spark plugs
mozac s
Disturbed man
You all are brainwashed bots
Dingle Berry
That "judge " simply yells. So disappointed.
Dingle Berry
Such an idiot is trumptard.
Dingle Berry
Who is he to talk about documents?
Where are his taxes. Loser
Peter Raps
I love that guy. Trump 2020 🇺🇸
Tzvi Krasner
I agree. There are many, many people that are voting illegally. That's how he won.
Lita Lopez
Ridiculous!! That hair topped noodles with some human traces.. makes my greedy kitten look genuis!!
Steven Harris
Trump is not fit to lead Anything or Anyone . This presidency is.dangerous for the country .
Jax Tyler
Did u tell him about the juice rocks?!

I'm telling him right now😂
Johannes Halberstadt
How does Jeannine Pirro have her own show? She doesn't act like a host should. Her loud aggressive overbearing behaviour is intimidating. A host is supposed to be neutral and give her guests a platform. Not shout at them for having a different opinion.
So sad. When the great awakening is over, media like this will be made the fool.
Holy crap! Bill O'Reilly and Der Trumpenfuhrer on the same set? The 2 biggest assholes ever on one show? Sorry I missed that...
Stoic Park
We going to look back at this and laugh about how stupid we are.
Hahaha i just thought about the “a lot of people” that trump says it’s all the voices in his head and them seth makes the joke
Not Vladimir Putin
Isn't not a conspiracy if you have proof.
Hoodoo Man
Try to remember that Multiculturalism destroyed Rome, Sumeria, Greek and numerous other States and Civilizations. People tend to fair better and be happier when with like kind. It is just the way of it.
Princess Warrior
Omg he drives me crazy by the way he talks. He's a big mess! wow! He's like a big annoying idiot!
Eleni 1979
He's concerned with cleanliness? No wonder he eats at McDonald's instead of Mar-A-Lago. At least, after the nasty reports out of the health department in regards to their kitchen.....
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Why You Shouldn't Trust Anthony Scaramucci's Donald Trump Is the Conspiracy-Theorist-in-Chief: A Closer 4 months ago   07:28