I Bought A Box Of Amazon Customer Returns My First Primark Haul 1 month ago   21:58

Safiya Nygaard
So it turns out that when you return something to Amazon, instead of restocking it, they auction it off in giant liquidation palettes - where you can get thousands of dollars of stuff for a few hundred dollars!! It feels kind of like an abandoned storage unit except all online - so I bought one and unboxed it all to see if it was really as good of a deal as it looks! The Internet Made Me Buy It - but after seeing this, would you?

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I got my box here! https://www.liquidation.com/

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Safiya Nygaard
HELLO FRIENDS!! so sorry for the long hiatus, i will explain what happened in a couple of videos from now lol, but basically we had to move all of our videos around and then we were in australia. so anyway. here we are, back again! ALSO, thank you guys so much for 6 million subscribers!!! you are all amazing!! i don't have any big stunt planned for 6, but we do have some fun stuff in the works for u guys so keep ur eyes peeled! xoxo, saf
Eva Houldsworth
13:01. 😨😦😦
That galaxy goddess 🔮
My sister has a pennini press
Thiccy Nicky ᴛᴇᴀʀs
ᴀ ᴄᴀɢᴇ ᴀɴᴅ ᴀ ᴄʀɪʙ...

ʜᴍɴ...ʜᴍɴ.. HMN
Thiccy Nicky ᴛᴇᴀʀs
ᴀ ɴɪᴄʜᴏʟᴀs ᴄᴀɢᴇ ᴘɪʟʟᴏᴡ ᴄᴀsᴇ?

Pegasus Girl
Janine Henschel
that small hair remover is AWESOME ! i BOUGHT it and it works great for your woman;s mustache
Rebecca Penner
Omg more please more why do I like this so much
Hannah Solomon
Why is every "current bid" exactly $10 below it's minimum??

**ALMOST every**
In all fairness to the finger cots (or finger condoms), my mom was a massage therapist and used them (this sounds bad so far, I swear it's not) when she had a cut on her finger so that she wasn't being unsanitary during a massage (a bandaid, then this on top, otherwise the bandaid would fall off or be scratchy).
Rachael Dennis
Those finger glove things were always used at my work as a way to wear a glove when you have a bandaid on and work in a restaurant, but if it’s on your finger why wear a whole glove if you can wear a “finger condom”
Eve Campbell
Do you have to pay for shipping as well?
Le'Dawn Thomas
My favorite video of yours
snatched batch
I swearrrr we'd be best friends if we ever met. Love me some saf💜
Xii M
I love how everyone I know hates epilators because they hurt so much while they're my favorite shaving method over everything else 😂😂😂
Michelle Stillman
I just wanted to tell you the sock holder thingy isn't covered by Medicare. U know this because I had spine surgery j was fused for L2-S1 and including my pelvis. I am still in Physical therapy from it and I had to buy one of those out of the pocket. So maybe if you dont bave a family member that has a need for these may I suggest a short term nursing home.
Darci Stalter
That sock thing might come in handy while pregnant!! 🤗👀
Madison Ronkar
Hi, im Maddie and i know this is werid but i was intrested ina cuple of ideams it sounded you wouldnt use like the nee brace. I play basketball and the nee brace would help alot and if you havent discarded any wish or extra Items im to the extreme dirt end with money so anything would help. THANKS so much even though you wont see this i hope im not sounding to pathedic... if you see this please contact me at madisonronkar281581@gmail.com to fallow up with me.
Haley Chadwell
I have that laser hair remover. I like it.
Jack of All
So when are you going to show us using that body lubricant in your pussyc
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My First Primark Haul I Bought A Box Of Amazon Customer Returns 1 month ago   11:07

I've been waiting YEARS. And yes, it was a wild ride! Happy Friday my bbs!

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