20 Best GOALS Against Former Manchester United ● Top 20 Beautiful Long 1 week ago   03:47

20 Best GOALS Against Former Clubs ● Respect & Disrespect
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Juventus vs Manchester United
Cristiano Ronaldo vs Manchester United

#Ronaldo #Goals #Football

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@Wrzzer: Could you please list the scorers (the team they scored for and who they scored against). Not easy to read all shirt names with players jumping all over each other. Thanks
Sase Gacev
Cr7 love you and Messi
Legos Legos
Kto live
Syed Asad
You are facebook ide
SLgaming TV
Can u do video to giorgi chakvetadze?
Filip Grzyb
Where the f*ck is Lewandowski?!!? 7 goals in 5 games against BVB
Hakai _هاكاي
حط ابوني في شان ياسين موش عادي
karan chadha
Waiting for Ronaldo to score against Real Madrid ..
Lil SomAtor
Not even one Ibra goal...
Lal Ramthari
anchhe dong tlok tlok tlok an ni asin
Lal Ramthari
nurse nih vanga an duh loh loh kan duh bik lo a natna hrivei in pol tirte an ni nise an lom angem an fanu an farnu te nise
Jakuh Jj
Lewandowski vs Borussia Dortmund??
Ivana Mia Leon Saric
Where is Rakitić against Sevilla
The Goal Everyone Will Be Talking About For 5 Years Is When Ronaldo Scores Against Real Madrid
Cesar Rangel
I hate this channel when it happens one time and he makes a whole video about it
Ömer Faruk Aslan
Ramos vs sevilla bicycle kick goal
Ronaldo had the gayest celebration ever like honestly dude...
انا اعشق رونالدو مثل عسق روحي الدون معذب مدمر بس الدون يبقئ الدون يبقئ مخوفهم ومرعبهم ♥♥♥♥
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Manchester United ● Top 20 Beautiful Long 20 Best GOALS Against Former 1 week ago   07:01

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