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Highlights | Gennadiy "ggg" Golovkin | Bkfc 2 Full Fight: Pro Boxer - At Up-Tube.com

HIGHLIGHTS | Gennadiy "GGG" Golovkin BKFC 2 Full Fight: Pro Boxer 1 day ago   05:01

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Comments 10728 Comments

greg parlier
jhon doe
👊🏼💥😴😪😴😪nite nite rolls got rolled over
Fernand Gamboa
That's a sneaky up and down hook to the top of the head
Pay My Student Loans
Ggg looks old
Haseeb khan
The g shock punch is crazy
Rasyay P
Ggg hits you in the back of the head ...is that legal ...hes tryin to bounce your brain around like a car crash
William Price
Gennady, the fans know you beat Canelo. Adalaide Byrd et. al. and Oscar fixed the fight The real middle weight champion, Triple G
🍒 pick
PunchFor Pound
GGG looks pudgy and slow, even for his age, at 164. Maybe he just doesn't have the genetics (or steroids) to go up to 168 and keep his speed. I think he should go back to 160 and even come in a little lighter than he did before at 160.
some guy on the internet
I feel bad for the guy😬😬.. but he's black so he probably has a big penis.. he'll be ok
We need GGG vs Canelo round 3.
The Notorious
Monster !
Javi Mdz
Not gonna lie man, GGG has slowed down dramatically
Safroulah Banto
I gotta say, for a low-ranking middleweight, Rolls' got some skills. He hit GGG a lot with clean shots, it's just that GGG eventually overpowered him.
Bald Pupper
Ggg has no defense what’s so ever
Steve ‘Egg’ Rolls
Flint Cruz
Golovkin is different
Jay Gonzalez
GGG is a fucking Monster!!
cant believe Canela stole 2 fights from him!
ggg good game guys..
miguel martinez
Wtf this commentator taking about we don’t see ggg getting hit, dude every fight he’s like in punching bag mode
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BKFC 2 Full Fight: Pro Boxer HIGHLIGHTS | Gennadiy "GGG" Golovkin 1 day ago   22:09

Jamie Campbell brings his professional boxing pedigree into the Bare Knuckle squared circle as he faces off against the dangerous mixed martial artist and UFC veteran Dale Sopi at at Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship 2!

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