Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin's Hugh Jackman's Opening Number: 3 months ago   09:46

Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin, co-hosts of the 82nd Academy Awards.

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Eve T
9:00 when Steve Martin predicts your furture.
Not the best opening. Would have been better without Baldwin.
6:21 "very funny"
Nacer Ayoubi
Alec Baldwin is honey
Sammy L
Robin williams 4:43 :( :(
Trump 2020
Sam Worthington was not impressed 6:21
Sazzad Bin Jahid
Why does Alec gotta clap after every joke of his so loudly!?
Serge Blake
They never mentioned Samuel L.Jackson, motherfuckers
Not sure George was having a good time.
bob cl
so wooden scripted jokes
Carol Benson
Woody Harelson superb actor...will keep going upwards!
AS A white liberal Hollywood actor I would like to also say to my black brother from another mother.......Thank You for dying first in movies so I can get more publicity by being in a movie longer.........THANK YOU! 👍
Suman Nath
3 some memorable, ROFL
Ethan R
Compared to awards shows with Ricky Gervais, this feels like Sesame Street
drew brownlee
the joke about hitler memorabilia then it pans to jesse james, hilarious
Wagner PD
Didn't Alec Baldwin say he was going to leave America when a conservative won the WH?
What's holding him back??
Dustiny 20
Its a goddam semi-roast lol why would ppl get offended???
Seth Sterner
Bring back hosts you spineless curds!
Dania Elshafie
If I see Steve Martin in a thumbnail am definitely watching
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Hugh Jackman's Opening Number: Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin's 3 months ago   07:46

Hugh Jackman's opening number saluting Oscar-nominated films at the 81st Academy Awards. Featuring Anne Hathaway.

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