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Steve Martin And Alec Baldwin's | Hugh Jackman's Opening Number: - At Up-Tube.com

Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin's Hugh Jackman's Opening Number: 4 weeks ago   09:46

Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin, co-hosts of the 82nd Academy Awards.

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Daniel Stevens
Alec Baldwin: and the cast of Prescious (clap clap clap)... what if steve and alec just kept clapping
FoFo kahn
OMG those guys so funny there like
Lewis and Martin
"...and what's up with all the Hitler memorabilia?" #purecomedygold
I did like this, BUT, hmm, doing nasty jokes about people in the room, Steve and Alec kinda of made me feel very uncomfortable watching it. 
Some how when Ricky Gervais does it, I don't get an empty feeling in my stomach. Ricky really has a go at Hollywood, but it feels more friendly somehow.
Shiloh Golden
Meryl Streep: Hid me, do not mention me kkkk
other actors: you mention me, thank you from heart kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
Subodh Dwivedi
And this is Alec Baldwin
Not one the best performances
WoodBeast onyoutube
Baldwin is a joke
Jamie Vera
i've been binge watching award show opening monologues and Meryl streep has to endure this every year several times a year.
Roy Suherman
ooooo...george clooney looks very2 saad,...ho hoh hoh hoh hoh..just joke maaan?come oon smile
G. J.
6k members' bloated egostisms vs. Millions of fans' honest opinions about how the movie affected them. Absolutely fair.
Some sit there not laughing thinking they are just so important!
Fellover Cliff
What a sour looking prick Clooney is!
Shahara Zon
Geeze wheres Steve been lately. Alec is still going strong. And wheres the clooney charm gone to ?
James Cameron at 5:44
if you read his lips he says "kiss my ass"
Jawed Manowar
Till this day...the Best Monologue ever
Both legends in making people laugh
One more time they should come together
One more time
Cpt Pepper
Looks like Alec Baldwin went grey in a matter of a few years.
František Swoboda
Why the hell everybody suck up to that bitch Meryl Streep?
Jamie Carlson
Trying to keep there heads up without smashing there collar and Tie.
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Hugh Jackman's Opening Number: Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin's 4 weeks ago   07:46

Hugh Jackman's opening number saluting Oscar-nominated films at the 81st Academy Awards. Featuring Anne Hathaway.

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