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Lhasa, Tibet - Lhasa is one of the most important cities in Tibet, and a home of Tibetan food and culture. In this video we’re going on an ultimate Tibetan street food tour of Lhasa, and additionally we’ll visit the Potala Palace and some of the most significant cultural sights in the city. Let’s start eating Tibetan food! #Lhasa #Tibet #TibetanFood #streetfood

Potala Palace - To begin the morning we started off visiting the Potala Palace, a fortress dzong, with tombs, chapels, and assembly halls, and once the seat of the Dalai Lama. Today it’s still used as a monastery, and a school for Tibetan Buddhist monks. The magnitude will blow you away.

Tibetan Tea House - One of the best parts of culture in Lhasa is the tea house culture. There are big teahouses all over the city, and local Tibetans congregate to drink tea, eat Tibetan food and socialize. I tried some yak noodles, both yak and vegetarian momos, and both sweet and salted tea. Tibetan yak noodles - 6 RMB ($0.84) per bowl

Tibetan Teahouse #2 - Located just off Barkhor Street, on this Tibetan street food tour, we then went to another teahouse, this one probably the largest and most well known local spots in Lhasa. The ambiance was incredible, so vibrant and so energetic. Since I had just had yak noodles, we chose to try some friend noodles and tea, and soak in the Tibetan culture.

Dzomo Cheese - Hybrid between yak and cow - Next we tried some dzomo cheese on the streets of Lhasa, very good and slightly animaly.

Laping noodles - Price - 5 RMB ($0.70) per bowl - One of my favorite of all Tibetan street foods is laping, a type of noodle, sliced off, then mixed with chili oil and spices. It’s the perfect light and flavorful street food snack.

Legendary Yak Momos - Price - 1 RMB ($0.14) per piece - On the corner, just outside the Barkhor Street circle, is a famous yak momos hole in the wall restaurant. The momos were hot and fresh, made right before you order them, and they were some of the best yak momos I’ve ever had.

Cheese Fungus Soup - 6 RMB ($0.84) per bowl - Dolma mentioned that this Tibetan cheese fungus soup is rare to find nowadays and during this season, so we were lucky to find it. It ate like a porridge and was hearty and filling.

Jokhang Temple - Barkhor Street - One of the most important places in Tibetan Buddhism and in Lhasa is Jokhang Temple, and people often walk 3 circles around the temple each morning and evening.

Tibetan Food Dinner - Finally for dinner, it wasn’t really street food, but it was a local Tibetan style dinner where we tried a number of Tibetan dishes. My favorite was the pickled preserved radish stir fried with yak meat.

It was an amazing day in Lhasa, Tibet, lots of delicious Tibetan food, and a chance to learn a lot about Tibetan culture.

Thank you to Travel China & Tibet (, they sponsored my trip to Tibet, and they did an amazing job to cater to the exact things I wanted to do. Highly recommended when you visit Tibet.



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King of KOREAN BBQ! Best Street Food in Tibet - ULTIMATE 1 day ago   27:17

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KOREAN HANWOO BEEF - The King of all Korean Beef is from the Hanwoo cow, a cow native to Korea, and prized for its amazing meat. I had the special opportunity along with some friends to eat at Born & Bred, a butchery and restaurant that deals the best Hanwoo beef in Korea, and serves the best Korean beef in their elegant restaurant. It was a life-changing beef experience. #KoreanFood #hanwoo #Seoul

Thank you to Kevin Chan ( and Sanny ( for getting the reservation and organizing this trip.

Majang Meat Market - The biggest meat market in Seoul, and responsible for dealing most of the meat that’s consumed throughout Korea, is the Majang Meat Market. It’s a very cool market to visit when you’re in Seoul. I wasn’t interested in eating anything since I knew what was to come, but I did enjoy looking at the amazing met cabinets, and also checking out the original Born & Bred.

Hanwoo Beef Omakase at Born & Bred - Born & Bred, the newly opened restaurant is this massive, designer brand clothing looking, restaurant that serves the best quality Korean Hanwoo beef you can get in the entire world. They have a number of different floors offering different beef experiences, but the top is the basement speakeasy where the owner offers a omakase Korean food meal. Using only his selections of Hanwoo beef, he grills in front of you an amusement park of Korean beef.

The meal was phenomenal, and it was all you can eat Hanwoo beef, so there was no not leaving stuffed. What I loved is that we had many tastes of many sections of the cow, some just grilled straight, and others prepared the real Korean food way, with pickled kimchi and lettuce wraps, yet using the ultimate beef of all beef’s.

Born and Bred - 312,000 per person, 2,500,000 for entire room
Price - 312,500 KRW ($263.45) per person

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Thank you for watching this Korean food beef meal!


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