UFC 239 Post-Fight Press Conference: Jorge Jorge Masvidal's best interview/press 1 week ago   14:01

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Haroon Bhat
Brave fighter,,,
Paul Poche
Great fuckin way to put it!

Don’t talk shit
Drew Shourd
Asskrak is an honest to goodness, 100%, U.S.D.A. grade A pussy ass bitch....now the entire worlds knows....and maybe beyond
SIER1 fonta
Lol fuck u n ur bitch ass family ur fucking trash ass bitch things hes hard u fought someone thats trash ..
TL Strength & Conditioning
Nothing personal ..just bitniz
Tony Forbes
Real talk you talk shit about somebody and somebody is going to knock you out.
christian morua castañeda
Bravo masvidal,ejemplo del luchador!
christian morua castañeda
Masvidal:”el título y hambulguesas”,periodista español Ortiz:”hamburguesas”y porque no le rompió la cara por discriminarlo?
ONY 27
Ben "Face Crotch" Askren!
Raul Luna
Jorge Masvidal talks the talk and walks the walk.
Mark miller
BEST post fight press conference EVER!!!!
HUEnshiro do Norte
Iconic interview!
Jorge is the owner of the fastest Knockout and fastest Low-Blow in the history of the UFC.
Ralf Suarez
This guy says it as it is!
Shantonu Basu
I watch this every day. It's super necessary.
Rated R
Masvidal knew he was out after that flying knee and could have walked off but he deep down wanted to punch him two more times.
Mike Ehrmantraut
Nobody looked fresher after fight. He even did not take a shower 😂👏
tha 1 an only ko artist
Muthafuckin Street Jesus don't play son. He str8 steals the SOUL outta lame ass BITCHES. Look at Asschin's face after the fight that is the face of a soulless man...
bolog pumapaltog
Can anybody translate the Spanish part?
The Dude
I had no idea he has had 47 professional fights, starting when he was 18 years old. Jorge is now one of my favorite fighters.
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Jorge Masvidal's best interview/press UFC 239 Post-Fight Press Conference: Jorge 1 week ago   04:01

Four minutes of cold blooded savagery from a man who is finally getting the recognition his fighting style deserves. Jorge Masvidal has been on fire in 2019, inside and outside of the octagon.

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