UFC 239 Post-Fight Press Conference: Jorge Jorge Masvidal's best interview/press 3 months ago   14:01

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Tyger King of kings
Masvidal is my favorite person and fighter.💯👍👍
charlie garcia
Another straight up fighter, that’s what’s up
Ralph Ramirez
Go watch soccer
Buck The Ripper
by far the most hilarious post fight interview in the UFC lmao
Scott Walker
Yo I’m weak 😂 he said it ain’t over for bro and if he see him in Whole Foods he getting smacked up still
duda dapodonga
he wants to hold my leg and put his face on my crotch.... legend:)
garrett tharp
"Im probably more physically talented man"
"In what way"
"In many ways man some of them I cant talk about on air"
Eric Heinzelmann
his face is a magnet to crotches lmaooo
Prem Labhaya
I love Jorge, love his fights, love listening to him, he's straight up gangsta, but he's never really disrespectful
Peter Vasz
Those weak pussies complaining about those two last punches 😂 make a pussies sport for them
Christopher fontenelle
I love his responses lololol
Scientist Albert Einstein
4:25 "This crotch aint for dudes" hahahahaha
Aditya Ved
The way he laughed at 3:20 "I thought he was gonna get up" 😂😂
Ryan Holliday
Love Jorge! Brilliant game plan. Askerin provably learns and would beat Jorge in a boring fight.
kevin kim
would love to see him fight Rory, would be an interesting fight. too bad hes not in ufc anymore
B'Ran Bowles
I love how Masvidal is most excited for the Spanish speaking interviewer at 8:41 - idk but its kinda the best
DF Rellom
This guy is awesome
Aaron King
Hung The Khung Nguyen
a real G
Stiff as a f board. Lol this guy here is making me laugh hard!!!
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Jorge Masvidal's best interview/press UFC 239 Post-Fight Press Conference: Jorge 3 months ago   04:01

Four minutes of cold blooded savagery from a man who is finally getting the recognition his fighting style deserves. Jorge Masvidal has been on fire in 2019, inside and outside of the octagon.

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