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How I Live In Korea But Don't Speak | 8 Things No One Tells You About Korea - At Up-Tube.com

How I live in Korea but don't speak 8 Things No One Tells You About Korea 4 months ago   03:54

23. so obviously, learning how to speak Korean will help you if you’re planning to move here.. but I survived 2 years without speaking the language and here’s why/how i did it!

culcom language exchange: http://culcom.co.kr/cs/applykorean/register.php

how i learned to read in less than an hour: http://themetapicture.com/learn-to-read-korean-in-15-minutes/

I also forgot to mention that different cities offer many free Korean classes for foreigners so that’s also another option.


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jay steven
No need to be shameful for not knowing any Korean even if one stayed over 2 years, but also no need to brag about it too
Cocaine in a can baby

Someone explain 😁💕
Jennie's Gacha world
Ok so my friend went to japan and she used google translate to communicate
Well she got lost 😂
Penn Calder
I did live in a French country for 4 years and i speak 0 French. so you are not alone, though i get shamed for this.
Piet Godaard
thanks, gives me some basic reassurance
Little CinnamonRoll
"So, do you like Korea?"

(Didn't understand)

"Not really. Very very little."

omg 😂😂😂
nejat Ali
new subscriber
from Regina
ryan williams
Just curious, why are you leaving? I thought about teaching abroad after retiring in the United States, but it seems like this is a temporary thing for so many expats.
Cathy T
Same Here! I've been living in Korea almost 2 year now and I don't speak any Korean as well. No need to be shameful😝
Candypie 2010
i learnt japanese thinking im a go to japan and be awesome but then i looked at korea and now im like well FUXKKK XD lol now im like gotta learn korean
bertho ibra
Lol ...
I just subscribed to your channel! Binged watch all your videos. Not only do I find them very informative but I love the fact that you take time to reply to comments, & your responses seem genuine!!
WeirdArtSociety Fox
My niece about to come out there. For a year. Your videos has been extremely helpful as she gets prepared to embark on her journey
Quentin Gray
Wow this is crazy I'm habesha and bet that I'm under ur age and I want to go to Korea so muchhh
hi ewnet i can tell that your Ethiopian and so am i and it is very nice to see a fellow Ethiopian in Korea always wanted to go and i probably will one day but of course not any time soon.....so just wanted to say its always nice seeing your videos it kind makes me feel like I've already been there so hopefully you'll post more videos of your experience there specially if your leaving soon??:)
Chrystal Ford
Aw, why are you leaving? 😞
Yo teach me how to go into situations without expectations 😂 one of the biggest goals of mine yet one of the hardest lol
서 세 린Selisha
This was super helpful, il be coming over and I've been super anxious
Jasmine Tea
Girl me too 😂. I was there last semester and didn't learn anything beside food stuff. Next semester I'll try tho lol. Also, papago has been God sent! I agree that people are surprisingly really nice and will go out of their way to accommodate you, and it was a shock since stereotypically American get annoyed, in my experience, with non English speakers.
Hello Bob
Lol I've been here 5 mths and have only learned hello and goodbye and thank you. Do you plan to keep teaching after Korea?
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8 Things No One Tells You About Korea How I live in Korea but don't speak 4 months ago   08:52

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