Tee Grizzley - We Dreamin [Official Video] Peezy - 2 Quick (Feat. Payroll 5 months ago   02:44

Tee Grizzley
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Slickz Bison
Thats a real nigga at the end
Abdiwahid Hassan
By the time I finish high bought my mom BMW SUV and gave her half of my paycheck every payday you know why because I know I can never repay her for how much she been through to make me the man I am. Respect your mother's and father's no matter how you hate them even when they leave.
Donta Kelly
Who else is here from lil tecca’s left right snippet
Big Homey
Man I can't believe how many people are still sleeping on this dude. Str8 fire
Jayden Rice-Claiborne
Dang it just came out
RAPTURE's Lounge
Most under rated shit in the whole world
Hussein Nasser
0:48 "Shooter callin like im broke i need to take a hit, im like there aint no threats it aint no body to get he like lemme go get one of em nighas thats talkin shit"
Derrick Bright
Lets do it fam
Flip Aoussi
Brooklyn Fizer
Felt this shit coming I just couldn’t see it😤
Jesse Lee
No other lyrical rapper better than him.💯🗣
oh ok
Lol I asked my cuz the other day exactly what his boy asked. Regarding checking the shit talkers. Nice
Greg Johnston
Damn that a real friend frfr 💯 gave himself up for his boi... Respect frfr 💯
Life Of Mxsti
last part hitted me hard
Idk boutt you mfs but The end had a nigga tearing up n shit... frfr shoutout the real ones 💯💯
Droop Deezy
Some a y’all ain’t never had them cereal bowls in yo house n it shows
Rodrigo Loreto
Who else got the same plates from the begining
Tan Man
Come from starvin n feinen
Thomsd Lewis
I feel homie I did 13 years in the feds so I know how his moms feel, in the end nothing keeping us from being successful!!!!
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Peezy - 2 Quick (Feat. Payroll Tee Grizzley - We Dreamin [Official Video] 5 months ago   03:34

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Directed by @JerryPHD

Official Music Video by Peezy - 2 Quick © 2018 Boyz Entertainment LLC

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