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The Godfather Part 2: Episode 13 - Fredo's | Why Sam Giancana Killed Jfk - At Up-Tube.com

The Godfather Part 2: Episode 13 - Fredo's Why Sam Giancana Killed JFK 6 months ago   03:32

Fredo inadvertently reveals that he'd met with Ola & Roth many times before. Once again, betraying the best interests of The Family.

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Comments 336 Comments

Fredo inadvertently reveals that he'd met with Ola & Roth many times before. Once again, betraying the best interests of The Family.
All For One
He keeps talking about johnny and not realize his brother is behind him, talk about stupidity
Michaelangelo Costello
The announcer of the show was Puerto Rican and not Cuban... Cubans say PRESENTAR Puerto Ricans say PRESENTAL
Chim Richalds
Fredo was bangin' waitresses, two at a time!
Jack C.
young uncle june
The Punishment for Betrayal can only be Death.
Jay Volner
Know your role, and shut your mouth.
Weston Stevens
I don't get it. How does Fredo not know that he's a drooling moron? He gets to wear nice suits, bang starlets, live well, do whatever the fuck he wants. If he just accepted that his life was good enough and he wouldn't last 5 seconds as don of the family, he'd been perfectly fine. But then I guess he wouldn't be a drooling idiot.
Robert Whitley
A person can be stupid but Fredo took it to another level.He was actually too stupid to live.
Johnny Ola is uncle Junior from Sopranos...
Rodrigo Caballero
Johnny Ola: Fredo never had the makings of a varsity mobster.
Fredo was retarded not a traitor.
What the hell type of show did they go? Was that girl that was tied to the pole getting raped or something?
Death Star
All the stupid fucks calling Fredo stupid. Sure, He messed up with Michael and should have kept his trap shut. However, a guy fucking "2 cocktail waitresses at the same time"...Sure knew it was a "Hit". He wanted Michael dead. He might be stupid in this clip but he is a sinister SOB.
Fredo is a RETARD
Korny Sinclair
Glance to the right..Glance to the right .. Glance to the left. Official..GET posted..
Austin Brandt
I love how even though Pacino plays this ruthless, calculating mafioso, he still shows the rage and pain from Fredo's betrayal in his cold eyes.
Miki Miyazaki
Fredo is Soo ridiculously retarded, inept, dim witted and incompetent it's almost unbelievable that he's a Corleone 😂😂😂😂 must've been that sickness when he was an infant that severely stunted the growth of his brain lol.
Crazy what a short career he had with his early death in his 40's. Imdb said he was in 5 movies, and all 5 were nominated for a best picture. 6 if you count footage they put him in with G3.
Time for Fredo to take that fishing trip ....
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Why Sam Giancana Killed JFK The Godfather Part 2: Episode 13 - Fredo's 6 months ago   07:55

Sam Giancana is suspected as being one of the orchestrators of the killing of JFK, and we discuss the theory linking the mafia with the murder of the president in this BYOD interview clip with Momo: The Sam Giancana Story director Dimitri Logothetis. Bobby Kennedy's pursuit of organized crime and the bizarre coincidences that led to key mafia figures all being present in Dallas on November 22, 1963 are all examined here.
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