2000 ft-lb Diesel Race Hillclimb Truck Racing, 1400 2 weeks ago   12:17

Hoonigan Daily Transmission
We need a proper, smokey, wild way to break in our new BurnYard at Irwindale Speedway. So when we talked about who to invite - our buddy Scott (@chucklesgarage) was at the top of that list with his 1200 horsepower and 2000 Earth-moving torque machine, Old Smokey F1. Smart? Smart.

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Hoonigan Daily Transmission
We’re back! Who do you want to see return to the yard?
Kaleb Derecourt
change the name to the hurn yard
Needs a loading dock lmao
Suck it.
That vid of the truck going off pikes, proves the old saying....more money than skill..
The Driven
This guy surprisingly not cocky at all like a lot of these guys are and he’s a good guy too
Corrado King
Please tell me there will be more wheelie attempts and drag cars!!!
djay4487 deved
im a multi transport fanatic
as in i like all forms of transport
i like motor cycles and cars, planes and so forth...
hooners are the people who do dumb shit (or seemingly dumb shit) because fuck it, its fun as hell.
squids: are like hooners but they on the 2 wheeled varity of vehical they do burn outs at the stop lights, stopies (reverse welis as in they slam the front break and lock it up and make the whole back end come up) they do power WOLIES and all sort of dumb shit
john doe
that one is sick.
PS: I'd love to see an 80ies civic again. :)
DashingBook Gaming
Forza Horizon 4 should have this truck in the game. I would buy it 100%
Milton Edwards TV
New location is sick!! Love it
the hitmarkers hahahaha good editing
John Phillips
What a beast👌
William Austin
I really want to try slaying the burnyard in a sprint car.
Austin Kue
Mater on crack...
Frank Semonious
jeffrey williams
love this truck, have you come back as often as you he will come play
Brent Hass
that 150lb crankshaft just kept wanting to go, straight off that cliff. sure glad I own two 12 valve p pump engines, they are always there for me. nice work there
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Hillclimb Truck Racing, 1400 2000 ft-lb Diesel Race 2 weeks ago   02:49

Don´t miss the great DVD´s at http://www.swissrace.ch/shop/bergrennen/gurnigel/
One of the most popular motorsport events in Switzerland - Bergrennen Gurnigel 2012
Tecnical features about the truck:
1400 HP, in Hillclimb condition 1200 HP
5800 NM torque
4500 kg weigth
VMax: 268 km/h, this is an inofficial value because at race events the truck is limited to 160 km/h as a FIA law
16 gear H-gearbox from the original truck.