Mahindra Mojo UT 300 First Ride Top 7 Most Expensive Motorcycles Ever 6 months ago   08:29

Dino's Vault
My detailed First Ride Review of Mahindra Mojo UT 300 including exhaust note and braking test.
KTM Duke 200 ABS First Ride:
Bajaj Dominar 400 First Ride:

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Dino's Vault
KTM Duke 200 ABS First Ride:
Bajaj Dominar 400 First Ride:
Tejas Pophale
RR310 Much better than this 🙏
debabrata ray
don't provide abs
debabrata ray
Abs hay
Shiladitya Batabyal
I got the UT 300 after lots of ifs and buts..whether to go for it or not...
Finally got the non abs version at a good discount of 40k...3 weeks of riding and occasional highway drive.. And i can say this now my decision was totally correct..
Such a cream of a machine..
Awesome comfort.. Nice pickup.. Although I didn't push the throttle much till 500kms.. U ll feel the beauty of this machine once u ride it.. And trust me the brakes are not at all bad as I have seen in so many reviews.. About brakes being a problem.. It is absolutely fine.
Loving it... Hopefully can munch some more miles in weekends...

And yes.. I am riding for last 14 yrs without abs... So not having abs is not a problem for me at all..

Great Amritsar With Sandeep
Isme double silencer aate the bahot acche lagte the
Gurinderjit Singh
UT is not having a kick starter, I hope it will not give starting problems on extremely cold days being carburettor one
Deepak Devaiah
Can anyone suggest me showroom in Hyderabad
Shalendra Maurya
look not good
Abhishek Dwivedi
Headlight should be changed in this model... It looks like owl's eye.. resteverything is good
nitin manu
At this price point they should give dual channel abs.
sayed kokab habeeb
The design language is a big reason for the flop
Lions Den
I was thinking mojo is out of production as I rarely see one 😂
Ken Shillong
In Meghalaya there is a discount now with only 1.5 lakh onroad. But I'm not confident enough to buy fearing it may discontinue and I may face problem with spare parts
Ken Shillong
Will mojo discontinue production since demand is very low or will owners face problem getting its parts. I'm a big fan of mojo and planning for one. Hope It won't be dissapointing
Headlight is inspired by mosquito...🦟
shubham yadav
Any update of abs in Ut 300 mojo
Farman Sd
Nice video bro ..
If possible mojo 300 with abs ? In 2019 ...
woh machine gun Kelly
w wishh
Ppl sayin it's NOT overpriced then ..last I checked from showroom ....the price was at par with CBR 250 abs.....and mojo higher version doesn't even get
Price should have been way less....even dominar was 20000 cheaper than mojo....and dominar gets abs.....prices were way over the top
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Top 7 Most Expensive Motorcycles Ever Mahindra Mojo UT 300 First Ride 6 months ago   10:38

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