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Is China's Huawei A Security Threat | Dw News Livestream | Latest News - At Up-Tube.com

Is China's Huawei a security threat DW News Livestream | Latest news 6 months ago   01:17

DW News
China's commerce ministry says the protectionist measures of some foreign countries have had a negative impact on Chinese business abroad. Case in point: Huawei. Many western countries have instructed their mobile phone operators not to use equipment from the company, which has close ties to the Chinese military.

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The Monrovian
All Chinese companies should be banned outside of China. Isolate and destroy the economy of the communist thugs.
you wanna look cheap.. just by chinese brands. TRUE!
Jessie Khong
Liar, U.S. jealous of Huawei's capability
W Pan
USA National Security Agency is the only evil organisation that hacks everyone around the world . Remember Merkel's smartphone ? NSA wanted Huawei to install back door for them in all their 5 G equipment. Huawei flatly refused . That is why the US Government is smearing and banning Huawei all over the place !
Huawei just a company.
Because of Huawei, influential in price n advancement, America just couldn't swallow their defeats.

Off cause, America need to find ways to suppressed Huawei.

It's always America strategy, never fight alone. So, America get the 5eyes to denounced Huawei, hoping other will follow.

America, used a well known tactics which works every time on all countries, is fear.

America, instigate saying using Huawe will comprised  national security n enemy .

But, this is not true the people with common sense knows.

Listen to this n listen between the lines follow your conscious n you know the truth

Actual fact is the opposite, is that,  not using Huawei countries can be easily spied by America.

Huawei is a commercial company will never succumbed to politics of any country.

Now, the world need to decides,
whether Huawei is country enemy or not.

Can Huawei really succumbed to such low deeds as spying.
Remembered this Huawei is big technology giant, built from scratch, to this stage.

So do you think they will want to tarnish their business, to spy n lost credibility ?

Using Huawei, country can move forward with technology of the future.

Not this alone, about $ n ¢,
Because huawei has been very competitive in pricing.
Countries using Huawei will save Billions on cost of system, maintenance, upgradings n equipments.
Citizens can enjoy the technology of the future n at affordable price.

Think out of the box. Is this national security n interest can really conquer your country or is this a low down strategy used by America for their hidden agenda.
Jimmy Huang
I mean look, the NSA was caught hacking into Huawei headquarters trying to steal information, and now the US is accusing Huawei of spying? Before they indicted Huawei of wrongdoing, have they indicted NSA of hacking?
nUtana nivedana
UN clearly said a statement is that 'the entire Kashmir regional is the union state of India' by the time of our first PM's diplomatic success and UN instruct to Pakistan🇵🇰 to pull back the entire army personnel from the Kashmir region! Why the Pakistanis support to terrorism? Nowadays China🇨🇳 does the same with Pakistanis and Kashmiris separatists against ಹಿಂದುಸ್ತಾನ್ 🇮🇳, Islam influences Soudi Arebia and his close alliance financially supporting from the beginning. Is it 'Islam' peaceful religion in the worldwide?

JeM founder 'Masood Azhar' backed by China to grow enemies against India! This what such a P5 country doing a mission for peace? Why Chinese 🇨🇳 denied to ban this terrorist group? He's the main Chinese security personnel for CPEC?

Same on Islam, same on Chinese and same to Islamic policies....

Uyghurs ethnicity will bomb in Beijing in the future! By the time Chinese learn the importance of peace, counties sovereignty and territorial Integrity....

ಜೈ ಹಿಂದ್ ಅಂಡ್ ಜೈ ಕರ್ನಾಟಕ!!!
Jai Hind and Jai Karnataka!!!
Quantum Chang
Arif Angestiosunyo
come on ... OTHER COUNTRIES, let's use Chinese technology products. affordable prices, unable to own it and not cause social jealousy. like American technology products that are far more expensive and very fortunate, can make up 5 times more ... and people who cannot, will be very serious ... OTHER COUNTRIES, LET USE MORE PRODUCTS CHINESE PRODUCTS MORE THAN PRODUCT USERS INCREDIBLE THE AMAZING PRODUCTS ARE AMAZING ... don't listen to American orders that prohibit the use of Chinese products, because this is for American interests.
William Chao
I believe Huawei has backdoor. I would too naive to believe that Intel CPU chips and Microsoft Windwows don't have backdoors.
Trump is a threat to US security as well as the world. Not Hawaii.
Equality ForAll
It is a threat to US in that the US cannot easily spy on other nations using its telecommunication technology.
Ken Yup
It’s impossible that China becomes world leader of technology,cuz China has left behind the USA at least 10 years
Ter Lo
Let's face it, after Steve Roger died, the good old legacy died along with him.
Ter Lo
After hearing that ballshit at 0:50 made me laugh.
Very good question. We really need to know if Huawei will be a security threat!
Since the US companies have already been proven a security threat, Huawei is so far the only possible hope.
Either you choose the American way or the highway.
400 year old America tries to convince it's McDonalds eaters that China wants to take over the world
A civilisation like China and India which has lived for 10.000 years in peace
I would rather be spied by Huawei than to be spied by Mossad
Christopher Bergthold
DW has the best news.
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