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Life of Sammie
Spider girl uses her magic wand to turn sammie back into a golden retriever puppy. Will super girl find out that its all pretend play magic from spider girl? Watch this new life of sammie video to find out! :)

Last Weeks Video: Super Girl Saves Sammie From Jail! Locked Up!



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Angie Kruger
:0 your feeding your dog human food
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Bertha Holloway
Love you
Nicole Creel
wrestling kids TV
Nisar Quareshi
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Dustin Fults
My daughters and I are huge fans we love this video! You guys have been part of the inspiration for out channel! Thank you keep the good work! My Girls love this!!!!
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I never had a cuter dog than that only once in this vide o
Let’s play Roblox!
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Sandora Sandra
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Jessy Tube
This is a great video 😊🎀🎀🎀🎀
Farid Fortnite
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Tonya Harris
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Tonya Harris
Madeleine Ambrose-Brewer
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Maria Jose Sonntag
I love Sammy so cute ^_^
Cameron Goodwin power
Spider-Man looks like that girl form American pie
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