Deontay Wilder on bad intentions vs. Dominic Undisputed 5/23/2019 Live HD | First 2 days ago   05:47

Deontay Wilder joins Max Kellerman to talk about his bad blood with Dominic Breazeale before their bout at the Barclays Center in New York City. Wilder says he has bad intentions and plans to stay composed, showcase his boxing talent and knock out Breazeale.

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Comments 894 Comments

Common Sense
Wilder haters dislike this vid, so let's Salute our Champ for them
Hodan Mohamed
Wilder killed brazale so bad in one round aj power not even close. Wilder will destroy that boy. Fury almost died God saved him.
Wilder already signed a 3 fight contract with no Fury or AJ in stop asking
Richard Adams
He was stupid, both are still fresh,still got energy and he stupidly not paying attention
Anyone else come here after he folded Brazil (I’m not tryna spell his name correctly) like a cinnamon parmesan garlic pretzel? Dude is a silver back gorilla! 🦍💪🏽🤘🏽
Miraj 96
0:37 “When it cums it’s cumss”
41 seconds
Shawn Davis
Illiteracy in American brown men 😢
Knocked his ass out the 1st round
William Davis
Wilder called the fight results ALL THE WAY. Breazeale doesn't move his head and would be a punching bag. 1st round KO. WOW. Broken English and all, Wilder knows what he's talking about.
Treveon Escobar
And u can tell he meant that cuz he did exactly da 1st round
Lamar Williams
Nobody can clinch with iron mike and survive without getting something bit off.
Lamar Williams
Boxing has a few good warriors. Wilder is one. His name is suitable for his character. Booomb Squad!!!!!!
Lamar Williams
The problem with boxing is that it is too quiet on the boxing stage. Ali, mike, made noise calling out all opponents. Wilder is the only fighter that i hear making noise, and he backs it up. The rest are quietly taking names, but moving very slow. Wilder talks the talk, and walks the walk. I admire that in wilder. He is passionate with his life and career.
Lamar Williams
What happens if the big one doesnt land flush. 12 rounds. The bottom line is that wilder is not a boxer that you want to stand flat-footed in front of for too long.
Nicky P
He saying things like the key and peele sketch lol
Cooking Vittori
To this day.....
Lamar Williams
I will put him on a level with the great mike tyson. But in reality, he is not the undisputed champ yet. Not 21 yrs old either. Mike has more skill set. Mike would pummel wilder. His weave, wilder would be swatiing flies. His punishing body work would leave wilder disabled immediately. Mikes uppercuts would pop the cork off of wilder. So, i think wilder is great like mike, but is more limited than mike was. Mike didnt have great footwork as other boxers. His attack style worked well for iron mike. His style of fighting would cause everyone havoc and did until his weakness were exposed. Wilder has weaknesses that no one has exposed as of yet. He should do well with our current belts. Until then? Joshua, fury, and the young up and coming champs. He will last 5 years before anyone starts to break him down. He will go down. Its just a matter of time. If he gets better, i dont see too many Youngsters stopping wilder. Dubois and ajaba might make a good fight for wilder when they are ready.
You're a great dude Deontay..Keep doing your thing! Breazeale had it coming.
Ra Ward
Interesting.....seeing this after the fact!!! I see Wilder knocking out AJ!!
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Undisputed 5/23/2019 Live HD | First Deontay Wilder on bad intentions vs. Dominic 2 days ago   00:00

Undisputed 5/23/2019 Live HD | First Things First Live - Skip Bayless Shannon Sharpe on FOX Sport 1
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