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Derek Van Schaik
Does Body Language Prove Chris Watts Murdered His Pregnant Wife (Shannan Watts) And His Two Young Daughters?

Christopher Watts is the northern Colorado (Frederick, Colorado) man who is accused of murdering his pregnant wife (Shannan Watts) and two young daughters on the morning of August 13th, 2018. The day after this Denver ABC 7 interview aired, Chris Watts admitted to killing his wife when he claimed his wife was murdering his two young daughters (Bella Watts and Celeste Watts). His wife’s body was found in shallow grave in an eastern Colorado oil field where Chris worked and his two daughters were found dumped in an oil tank.

I live in South Denver; I’m 1 hour south from where all this happened, so this episode of Body Language of a Liar quite literally hits close to home.

From his own admission, we know Chris murdered his wife, but did he also murder his two young daughters? Let’s now get into analyzing his body language during this Denver 7 interview to find out what he’s subconsciously telling us.

What can we conclude? Chris Watts admitted to killing his wife (Shannan Watts), so let’s just focus on whether or not he killed his two daughters or should we believe his story that he caught his wife killing them and killed her in an attempt to possibly save them. Based on his severe lack of emotion especially during those key situations and the hiding of bodies, I think it appears he sadly wanted his family dead and in that interview he seemed to be satisfied with the outcome.

If you think Chris Watts was the one who murdered his two daughters, give this video a thumbs up. If you think he didn’t murder his children and it was possible Shannan Watts, then give it a thumbs down.

In the comments below: What do you think was the motive for the murders?

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"Bella's 4 and Celest WAS 3...." 5:52
albin maestro
He is ok guy, just one moment of madness.
Theresa Maskill
He is sick
Well... it's been 13 months...
Watching this again is fascinating...
"I want to see everybody..."
I wish he had seen his decomposing children in that hideous oil... we know what happened to their skin... he should see that.
He is absolutely repulsive...
Bad Request
He often reffers to the girls as "those kids, those smiles", not "my kids or their smiles" , all through out this interview and the interrogations. Looks like he's trying to distance himself from his children and dehumanizing them. Not to mention his entire tone and posture just screams red flags with neon signs and loud air strike alarms
Joseph Sokoloski
Your claims of sucking in his lip, his folding arms mean nothing.. If his arms were hanging by his sides you would say " the relaxed way his arms hang shows a relaxed decet" if he blew his lips outward you would say it was a stress release of a lie.. Shut up you know shit..
FIRST OBVIOUS WARNING SIGN - NO sense of urgency for his family whatsoever! he could at least act surprise.....death sentence is what he deserve
Ben Jamin
I hate listening to this overgrown man child speak
Keep Going
it looks like he really wants to laugh and he is trying so hard not to
Lisa Jessick
I really believe he looked quite happy during this interview and was trying hard to hide it.He probably thought since he wasn't arrested the day his house was searched meant he was. free and clear. He looks excited to start his new life with his ugly whore.
Stephanie Michelle
He's guilty
Stephanie Michelle
Why didn't the interviewer ask him wtf are you laughing about, your BABIES are missing?
Carla Stead
Lied the whole time..your dad? Takes alot to look at your side of the want your snag..get a divorce..what scared? what pay child support? Alimony..women being watching their kids long before you made your sorry excuse..
Looking 4 Things
I believe Derek Van Schaik has the most interesting coverage of the Watts murders.
Clitos videos
to me, it was the neighbor and her friend's who solved it
Longplays Land
When they were showing him the camera footage on the tv and he just turned his back is when i knew the pice of sh*** was guilty He's a pretty bad liar.
Shadow S
This guy is a natural born psychopath, after murdering his two young daughters and pregnant wife he tells the police that his wife killed his daughters and he got so enraged he killed her. I have not heard anything so despicable and so cowardly , he actually thought the police will believe him , this shows this man’s arrogance and narcissism. He is a cold blooded killer with no conscience, morals and remorse.Anyone who can do this to their children is not even human, even animals protect their cubs till death , try going near a lioness’s cubs or a Bear’s cubs and they will hack you to pieces.The instinctive bond between parent and child is totally devoid in this man.Just his stammering and shifty eyes give him away.
Hank Pikuni
What’s on his neck?
All we had to do was Follow the damn train CJ
That gulp just had me deceased 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
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4 of the Most Disturbing Craigslist Murder Does Body Language Prove 8 months ago   14:01

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