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Derek Van Schaik
Does Body Language Prove Chris Watts Murdered His Pregnant Wife (Shannan Watts) And His Two Young Daughters?

Christopher Watts is the northern Colorado (Frederick, Colorado) man who is accused of murdering his pregnant wife (Shannan Watts) and two young daughters on the morning of August 13th, 2018. The day after this Denver ABC 7 interview aired, Chris Watts admitted to killing his wife when he claimed his wife was murdering his two young daughters (Bella Watts and Celeste Watts). His wife’s body was found in shallow grave in an eastern Colorado oil field where Chris worked and his two daughters were found dumped in an oil tank.

I live in South Denver; I’m 1 hour south from where all this happened, so this episode of Body Language of a Liar quite literally hits close to home.

From his own admission, we know Chris murdered his wife, but did he also murder his two young daughters? Let’s now get into analyzing his body language during this Denver 7 interview to find out what he’s subconsciously telling us.

What can we conclude? Chris Watts admitted to killing his wife (Shannan Watts), so let’s just focus on whether or not he killed his two daughters or should we believe his story that he caught his wife killing them and killed her in an attempt to possibly save them. Based on his severe lack of emotion especially during those key situations and the hiding of bodies, I think it appears he sadly wanted his family dead and in that interview he seemed to be satisfied with the outcome.

If you think Chris Watts was the one who murdered his two daughters, give this video a thumbs up. If you think he didn’t murder his children and it was possible Shannan Watts, then give it a thumbs down.

In the comments below: What do you think was the motive for the murders?

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Christopher Moran
This intv cooked him everyone knew but even if he didnt give it theyd of tracked hus movements with gps in truck and niebors video hes such evil pos
Jr Prado
Its dumb how some people (when knowing the facts) try to poke holes in logic to create a new perspective or "conspiracy" leaving multiple conclusions. I get it you want views, you want subscribers but trying to stir up a conspiracy or questioning the truth isnt a way to do it. It throws people off like me and press "not interested" on yo ass
Egle Rinkeviciute
He would be a perfect match for Jodi Arias
Jai Belcher
sooo did anyone catch his micro smile around 5:18? When he said he left the lights on for his family and hoped that his children would barrel roll him over? WOOOW dude you're body language is giving you away.
Tom D
His interview reminds of the one Scott Peterson did. This guy really has no soul, no emotion, no heart at all.
honk honk
he’s so stupid ugehhehehehheheh
honk honk
so maddd
I knew he did as soon as I saw they had no suspect and where it happened..
Blue Macaw
The smiling/ laughing after he lies is called "duper's delight." They smile because they "got away with" the lie.
joanna freedom
They don't bring dogs in for a missing person...he's a liar and idiot. As he's being interviewed the cadaver dogs are going off!
julia gulia
What a TRUE PSYCHO. HOW *DARE* YOU say you want your kids back when your inhumane monster self drowned them with your bare hands. I’m scared how soulless you are.
Will Atwood
We can conclude that he killed them as he already stated in later on in his confession video. I'm also glad that all you arm chair detectives are just that or else there would be a lot more innocent people in jail today. In no way am I saying CW is innocent and I'm glad he's locked up. Every analysis video I watch about body language of videos such as this or analysis of people in cases such as this make me laugh with all the things you guys come up with and all your assumptions. "Because of this we can tell he did it" and if that person didn't do something it would be "because he/she didn't do this at this moment he/she is guilty". It's a damned if you do and damned if you don't setting with all you guys.
Janna Young
5:39 he can even laugh while reminiscing moments with his children. If my family went missing I won't be able to reminisce without breaking down
Welp...obviously did it
He IS NOT a convincing liar what are you talking about. He slips on his words like crazy
Monte Wolf
Maybe we already know that he's lying, but he seems to be talking a lot and explaining redundant details that seem to show that he's not guilty but has nothing to do with the case.
shady dog
I am watching over and over again and still i don`t know how the hell can someone kill their own children (because there are more cases like this) ..How the fuck ? What is going on in their brains ?
Body language doesn't prove anything, anymore than a polygraph does. It was Watt's own testimony that ultimately put him in prison... where he belongs.
Malefic LIAR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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4 of the Most Disturbing Craigslist Murder Does Body Language Prove 5 months ago   14:01

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