The bank login scam: Part The dumbest scammers of 2017 1 year ago   11:24

Jim Browning
The final part of the bank login scam. Now that I have access to the scammer's PC, I can see how their scams work, what their phone call data looks like and who they are.

Part 1:
Part 2:

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Finny Oak
Sean Madden
Stealing from someone born in 1921, that’s a new low.
Beautiful job helping to protect innocent people that are just trying to live their life.
Indian police and government officials are corrupt. You should contact interpol.
Unai Elgeta
dude you should be on TED talks
Can you imagine faking a check in MS Paint?
Freddie Green
your voice is slightly echoey at a high volume
Ben R
Vishal Gutsy
Holy fucking shit. His account balance was 157 crore Rupees. Thats more than 22 million dollars. That kind of money can buy literally anything in this moral-less country.
lil sis
Sir I have noticed some online learning agencies running in India troubles people in India as well as in foreign countries to take the course on ml ,AI,java etc
Names are cognixia ,eureka, amcat.and many more
Sujit Yadav
Unfortunately Kolkata police is one of the most corrupt. So I don't think much could be done. They pump some cash in their mouth and continue the scam.
Sujit Yadav
I feel very bad about this.. these scammers are still making money and free..authorities should take strict action against this in india.
Terry Brown
Jim Browning for President!!!!
I think it would be helpful to set up a bogus bank website that will infect scammer by cookies or by suggesting download of "transaction history" or some other file. Just something generic like with basic auth and interface based on some other bank but with made up logo and changed color scheme.
- Vot bank do are you using, sehr?
- The Credit Bank of England.
- Cen you give me send the details?
- You're fucked.
- What?
- Nothing. Sending the details now.
Angel Diaz
"Brities telecom" is this guy Hangouts messaging victims?
Jared Lammi
They said "server" as "selvuh"
Indian government helps them do it. They are a nation of thieves.
Jolfer 13
I thought we couldn't hear the victims but I could sometimes kinda hear them?
Bailey Sheppard
Poor old lady getting scam by somebody in India they are saying their are from bt 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢 and I am from Australia
I haven't had one of my usual 10 per day calls from any scammers for over a week now; it's quite annoying as it really satiated my urge to cause them a mischief.
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The dumbest scammers of 2017 The bank login scam: Part 1 year ago   11:12

My prizes for the dumbest scammers of 2017.

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