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The Bank Login Scam: Part | The Dumbest Scammers Of 2017 - At Up-Tube.com

The bank login scam: Part The dumbest scammers of 2017 10 months ago   11:24

Jim Browning
The final part of the bank login scam. Now that I have access to the scammer's PC, I can see how their scams work, what their phone call data looks like and who they are.

Part 1: https://up-tube.com/upvideo/t5K9MFKo7kV
Part 2: https://up-tube.com/upvideo/hpdyv5v29wb

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Harry troll
Someone is gonna ddos that up I can tell
adriartilol lol
I got their fingerprint key.
15,000 - Fiveteen thousand
“Hell is empty and all the devils are here.” - William Shakespeare
i want tell you so many good words, but i can't waste your time...
s nightfallen
The world is built so that the weak and ignorant die off, so those stupid enough to fall for this shit deserve it. However at the same time, the shit skins that do these scams deserve to drown in their shit filled Ganges river.
Another scam is the avg anti virus. It makes your computer slow so that you call them to pay for additional securities.
What if this whole channel is just a scam to get you to support him on Patreon 🤔
monkstanding last
oooo you could have went have went a whole lot further with this hack like by setting wake on lan so that when it switched off for their night time or whenever they not scamming you could have a propper snoop through his machine and get all the info you need to clone his router as well thus giving you access to their whole network but wow congrats on what your doing so well
So is the stuff that this guy does technically illegal? I mean I know scammers most likely don’t go to the authorities but if this is uploaded to YouTube and it’s illegal doesn’t that violate TOS?
Nreekay Immortal
Jim the Indian police and the Cyber department might not be very responsive, please tweet the Kolkata PD via Twitter might have a better response!
Michael Cheritto
There's no way that two-bit scammers like these don't attract the attention of authorities and/or organized crime.

Some of their enterprises pull in millions of dollars per year. You won't convince me that good old fashioned shakedowns and protection rackets don't get involved, whether perpetrated by local law enforcement or by mafiosos.

I fear that by forwarding scammers' info to Indian law enforcement, the only thing that happens is they get extorted and are allowed to continue.
Forever Computing
5 teen thousand....
john smithson
+Jim Browning
Why don't you delete they're files?, or refund the guys being scammed with they're own bank account? (as many as you could) there's also jamming they're phone lines so they have use another number and I've also seen guys removing the cmd from all the computer on these guys network, forcing them to reinstall the OS, also getting into they're backup and deleting them is good too.

I won't feel bad for them :^3
DSP Blacker
Never show how you got access to a scammers pc, as they learn from these online videos and take precautions.
Cat Ibarra
FIVEteen thousand pounds omg
Jim, I love the work you do, and appreciate it greatly. Thankfully, I have my dad's take on anything that even hints at a scam, but I've certainly been pestered by a few. If I could afford it, I would sponsor your channel, but being retired and on an extremely low income, every penny counts and can only stretch so far. I just wanted to let you know that your work is top notch in my eye, and long may you continue.

God bless you sir.
Frazzle Face
I feel sorry for all these poor buggers getting ripped off. Why can't these people just leave them in peace?!
Randomilluminati Dark
If you dislike you are a scammer
Too young to be old
Unfortunately BT use Indian call centres for genuine problems, so the sounf of Ghandi talking to you is not a great surprise and can easily be missleading.
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The dumbest scammers of 2017 The bank login scam: Part 10 months ago   11:12

My prizes for the dumbest scammers of 2017.

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