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Ryanair Ceo Michael O'leary On The Boeing | Ryanair's Michael O'leary: Uk Is In Denial - At Up-Tube.com

RyanAir CEO Michael O'Leary on the Boeing Ryanair's Michael O'Leary: UK is in denial 2 days ago   10:24

CNBC Television
RyanAir CEO Michael O'Leary joins "Squawk Box" to discuss the airline's full year earnings, the increase in oil prices, the Boeing 737 Max issues and more.

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IL62 M
irish have butts of steel
Ole Köhler
Watchin it today, still the 737 max doesnt fly. :(
Chris T
$10 plus then another plus then another until it ends up been $100....don't believe the hype.$3 billion in the bank for new planes...do you really think he has got that from $10 flights?
Auchus Pauchus
You and your family will need to sit in that aircraft for 1000 hours to prove its safety.
TS Stavanger
Well well. It is August, the Max is not back.
Pilots love it ...absolute bollocks !!
Ercilia De Marco
What a horrible man. It is all about money. Never mind everybody that died.
Peter Mills
Is the Boeing 737 max still grounded ?
Bruneau François
July 2019. Just one advise, look at Airbus A320's family or close.
You need an air plane factory which puts security in front and not behind profits.
anton brum
This man talks rubbish. My wife and I flew to Dublin from Bristol with "squeeze me in" RyanAir, now I know how sardines feel in tin. Certainly, do not fly by 737 max 8 RyanAir.
Jeff Bourke
This will be the end of Ryan Air.
People value their own lives more than your profits.
Ryanair sneaky rename the Boeing 737 Max that has killed 346 people to the 737-8200 so customers won't refuse to fly on this dangerous aircraft. Ryanair have agreed to buy the dangerous planes at a knock down price. https://www.theguardian.com/business/2019/jul/15/boeing-737-max-ordered-by-ryanair-undergoes-name-change
Luc B
If Ryan air keeps using 737 max in the future, I'd rather go to Andalucia by bus, even if from where I live it takes 24 hours!
The plane is great? 787? 737 Max has almost 400 deaths on its record 🙄
diplomatic answers ... wow I'm impressed
ken boon
when Ryanair get the new Boeing 737 max their will be a charge of £5:00 to use the onboard toilets
Stephen Power
The customers, meaning the flying public will dictate whether They feel safe and use it..... Airlines ordering a large number are taking a huge gamble public confidence will be back.. CEOs can say what they want.. Would u book Ur family on an Airlines soley with 737 maxs?
Louie Quinn
Silly, buy airbus...
Jan Verboven
RyanAir is a SHIT aircraft company - it's 'cheap' - but you are in are in sardine box, if you're over 3 foot. I took a 'cheap' flight' - 2005 - (with colleagues with our own ''ten do Dublin' t-shirts to have a good time). TWO of our 'ten' were complaining about abnormal leg pain afterwards. Afterwards the doctors said I was 'lucky', because my right leg showed 'post thrombosis' signs - with iron under the skin, too low pressure in the cabin caused circulation problems + plus virtually NO leg space + VERY cramped position) - I didn't know that at that moment and luckily started drinking beer (- though not healthy - it's something that thins your blood - and probably saved me from a cloth in the lungs/brain...) and I luckily walked a lot in Dublin with a painful right leg. But my right leg since then is always thicker. I You want this - take Ryanair. (ore a 'cheap flight) O'Leary doesn't give a damn about his passengers. His remarks about the 'Max' also insult me. I was a fit runner - I couldn't do it after that. Take a decent airline company - Pay a little more for a DECENT flight company. (I Always did since then and demanded leg space and room to get a walk) And wear compression socks - even if you're young and fit - which I was, sadly no socks. And this is NO JOKE or SPAM. But on budget lines they cut corners in every way they can. You know where I think I he can shove his 10% or 15% oil savings ? Yes up there. (Look it up people - it's no joke. - it's a cruel one) - the IDIOT is O'leary.
Sarfaraz Patel
‘Ohh yea June/July’ dumbass
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Ryanair's Michael O'Leary: UK is in denial RyanAir CEO Michael O'Leary on the Boeing 2 days ago   08:06

Kirsty Wark speaks to Ryanair boss Michael O'Leary about the possible impact of Brexit on UK air transport.

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