As Seen On TV Car Gizmos TESTED! Top 10 Strangest Products Made By Everyday 3 months ago   10:50

Household Hacker
Are these Car Gadgets worth your money and do they work? We took some interesting "As Seen On TV" Car Gizmos and tested them to see if they are worth your time and money. Today's tests include the Air Hawk Pro cordless tire inflator, RainBrella windshield treatment, Micro Mechanic OBD2 car code reader, Windshield Wonder microfiber glass cleaner, and the infamous Egg Sitter support cushion!

Join us as we find out if these AS SEEN ON TV products really work!

Air Hawk Pro -
Micro Mechanic -
Egg Sitter -
RainBrella -
Windshield Wonder -

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Household Hacker
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Crab Union
4:14. Ew.
SwapPart TV Repair
The Micro Mechanic is just an OBD2 code reader with Bluetooth. This is nothing new. There's no way I'd ever pay $30 for it. You can get one on eBay for $5, and there's a ton of free apps which do everything the Micro Mechanic app does. I use Torque lite with my $5 code reader and it's great.
Angg Voagg
4:05 why they have to use a brown egg? White eggs matter!!
Deborah Jones
The airhawk does what it says it's supposed to do but what good is it when the car charger part of the airhawk conks out burns out whatever then you have to use the one that you have to charge in your house that's all fine and dandy if you only have to do maybe one tire then if you forget and leave that charger in the car it can't be charging in the house and the longer it stays in the car less the charge and if it dies your crap out of luck until you bring it into your house and charge it to use it they need to make the car charger part of the Air Hawk changeable so if car charger part burns out you can change it to another car charger adapter
ning kang
3:49 poop!?
3:48 after he stands up there's some fake poop
Big Chungss
3:48 LOL
ix Talal
He just pooped on there 3:48
super mario
2:33 face reveal
blue berry
3:48 stop at that you will see the funny 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Victor England
The potato didn't work because you didn't buff it out. I have used in in my motorcycle crash helmets' visors and it works. Both inside and outside (inside, it prevents the visor from forming that condensation). But you MUST buff it out. It also works with pure washing up liquid (no water). Apply, allow it to dry and buff it out. The secret is that you CANNOT wipe it when it's wet - the same applies to this magic product. As soon as you turn your windscreen wipers on, it will rub it off and the product will simply be removed. As motorbike helmets have no screen wipers, it works like a charm, every time.
Bubble Butt
I love the rubber gel design for shors like dr shols has -the actual rubber gel ones- since they are comfy. Might at some point get the egg sitter since some surfaces are too hard to sit on due to the uncomfortableness
1:49 "The potato gave us a thick haze reminiscent of our college days but without all the lan parties and self loathing" I love the way you go off-topic for that brief moment, and your voice is awesome, i'm subscribing right now 😂
trike mowen
Like for the egg sitter sunny side up lol
Jerry Newberry
nice, but my girlfriend might suspect I'm cheating on her with a chef when she finds a spatula in my glove compartment.
Mister Vash
A personal posterior paradise ,the egg sitter
Abtron sh
3:15 breathable lol
Justin Grant
This was unexpectedly hilarious
Edward Mendoza
Oh wow I thought I was the only one who caught the doodoo at 3:46
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Top 10 Strangest Products Made By Everyday As Seen On TV Car Gizmos TESTED! 3 months ago   10:59

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