The Try Guys Wear Women’s Pants We Trained Like Superheroes For 30 Days 3 months ago   15:49

The Try Guys
The guys wear women's pants for 72 hours to experience what it's like to live life without pockets. And our old pal Safiya Nygaard joins us to explain the secret history of pockets in women's fashion.

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Safiya Nygaard

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Wolfy Comstock
My solution:wear a hoodie with pockets and secret pockets on the inside it’s that easy.....
Maya Dog
Oh I put like every thing in my bra, once I was at school and found a dog treat!
Taiku Mizuko
I’m just watching this but oh my god, as someone who works in a higher end retail store, when I saw Eugene walking into Louis Vuitton I was like, “oh bitch is going that expensive for his first bag?” Like, as a gay who appreciates a bag, I have a Burberry runway bag now but that definitely wasn’t my first bag 😅
Julia Hojo
Just wear sweatshirts. They all have pretty big pockets. It's what I do and I'm a woman. It works fine
Magdalie Mexile
Whenever I go out I get so excited when guy friends come cause as soon as I see them I’m like “hold this, this, this aaaaaand this”
Magdalie Mexile
I tried on guy pants before at the store out of curiosity and I just wanna say I feel bad for boys with any butt at all because the one issue is they would NOT fit over my butt like boy pants have no built in butt room. I had to go up like 10 sizes just to get it up my butt but then it was wayyyy too lose everywhere else
Trinh T.
it’s a purse mmkayy
Sumukh Jamadagni
That Volleyball Player
That Schuyler sisters tho and Young dumb and baroque🤣😂
T de Lioncourt
Tote bags guys! extra cheap, cute and can handle carrying all my life ^^
T de Lioncourt
7:53 me everytime I want to go to a bar or club, bags are so annoying but I don't have any pocket xD
Abbey Rickardsdottir
Yknow i just clip my keys to my belt loop and i keep my phone in my hand and i keep my earbuds in my bra.
kpop forever
7:40 that was adorable
Maria Hamilton Potter
Bosiph 🤣
Stella B
This is what girls have to deal with every day
nurah shams
Tnks to Eugen for the chick brand pursues love how he get that side of us our brand bags r our show off card our confident item super freaking good he got Mk cross body bag 😂😍
Alley Bartlett
I just wear a hoodie or a jacket to hold my stuff
VyVy StasiaStudio
I love Eugene’s hair
Kestrel Misaria
This is why we have such giant purses
Michelle Akwo
Eugene has a really nice butt😂😂😂😂
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We Trained Like Superheroes For 30 Days The Try Guys Wear Women’s Pants 3 months ago   09:37

“They don’t wake up like that."

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